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10 most beautiful gardens in the world

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10 most beautiful gardens in the world, from Australia to South Africa

10 most beautiful gardens in the world

Tourism does not only mean a long time to choose your wonderful destination for sunbathing or go skiing in winter. How people have refined modes of leisure to the smallest details, discovering new things that delight, holiday packages kept pace and have diversified into hundreds of possibilities.

We now focused on tourism festivals, holidays designed to give you the opportunity to watch as many species of birds, vacations or holidays kiting pay amounts for which not insignificant to learn to do organic farming. In these conditions, a number of vacancies thought to see the most beautiful and diverse gardens in the world could not escape lovers plants, butterflies, nature and life in general. Here’s a good idea: choose to visit one by one, the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Europe’s 15 Most Picturesque Gardens

Inspired by the beauty of the Petrin Gardens, here are 15 of Europe’s most beautiful gardens that blend nature, history, art, and architecture, and boast everything from spiral-shaped hedges and crumbling grottos to grandiose fountains and waterfalls.

10 most beautiful gardens in the world

Claude Monet’s garden in Normandy

One of the most delightful gardens French impressionist painter Claude is one of Monet, who lived for 43 years in this oasis of in Giverny, Normandy. After Monet created his garden so that I become sustainable source of inspiration, hence sprang, among others, the famous water lily paintings that can be admired today, for hours without getting bored.

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

I do not know any person tulip arm to let indifference. And if you are a lover of flowers tulips in general and in particular, the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands is that place you are looking for a long time, with fresh flowers and wonderful feel at home. And this spring, the gardens were prepared with 7,000,000 of tulip bulbs that are more or less sensitive in 800 different varieties.

Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech

Majorelle Gardens are one of the most visited places in the whole Morocco. If we talk about numbers, they were created by painter Majorelle in 1920, opened to the public in 1947, and continuously improved for 40 years. Plants are made on all 5 continents and seem to feel well acclimatized here, because the result is amazing.

It is easier than you think to have your own garden beautiful and colorful. You just need to choose appropriate flowers.

Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, Canada

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There is a good reason for coming here about one million people each year. Butchart Gardens are famous worldwide, and Canadians are so proud of them that in 2004, the anniversary of 100 years of existence, they have officially named a national treasure. These gardens are a kind of family business gift and have been made with much love from generation to generation, being highly appreciated by the young; maybe that’s why they have so much soul.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in South Africa

It is one of the few botanical gardens in the world to cultivate native plants that can not be found in other places. She was named Wonderland rightly, for the 36 hectares of vegetation delights the visitor, who suddenly feels another realm. The garden is part of a nature reserve of 528 hectares and contains 7,000 species of plants that are in perfect harmony here in the garden showed the African continent.

Generalife Palace Gardens of Spain

Here are luscious plants after arabesque pattern for backgrounds with arabesques, and enriched by the murmur of pools. Architecture helps to emphasize the plant and actually every corner of the garden, the human hand is entwined with nature as in a dream. Once you have entered the palace gardens, have left behind any care or nagging everyday. Gardens exudes coolness, and smells sensual, heavy.

If you like roses, you can choose for your garden some gorgeous colorful, climbing, perfume or cascade.

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Mae Fah Luang Gardens, Chiang Rai

It is near the border with Myanmar, located on Mount Doi Tung, about 1.400m altitude. The entire area is green tea plantations and flooded vegetation specific to the Mekong River. Mae Fah Luang is the most colorful and bright garden in Thailand, and brings together both local spectacular orchid species, and plants that are not normally found in Thailand.

Gardens Kew Royal Botanical Garden, United Kingdom

Gardens Kew Royal Botanical Garden are placed in one of the suburbs of London and was established in 1840. It seems that they are home to the largest collection of different plants gathered in one place, for Kew boasts over 30,000 species combined as only British know how to do it. And for those truly passionate about botany, is good to know that the Kew herbarium will find a gigantic, with 7,000,000 correctly fitted storage plant.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne, Australia

Red is the color of bedside governing the 363 hectares of these gardens, with Australian native plants.Cranbourne Gardens is 45 miles from downtown Melbourne and include swamps, forests and fields stretch dwarf vegetation to totally replicate what happens on this continent. So spread and well maintained space could not be home for many species of birds, mammals and reptiles that live hundreds here, including rare or endangered.

If you do not live in the yard, you can change the decor of your home simply and at low cost with a spectacular exotic plants.

Andromeda Gardens in Barbados

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We have good news for those who have not yet serious enough reason to fly to Barbados: visit the botanical garden of St. Joseph, this delicacy in the field of horticulture. The garden has huge dimensions, as we meet in Australia or England, but is so well organized that the 2.4 hectares are a small jungle paradise that is a pleasure to get lost. Name garden, Andromeda, is given after the Greek goddess chained to a rock, because Supplies is attached to a rock wall.

There are various fall blooming flowers from which to pick for the autumn garden. Some are continuing that will return to decorate your flower garden for many years. Set a few pumpkins and gourds about to complete your classic fall scene. The old garden standby, mums are probably the most famous fall perennials. Available in a vast variety of colours, types, and heights the mom is really fall colour at its best. The early ones will blossom during summer time, the mid-season will bloom from late summer to really ancient fall. The late ones should take the colour right up to frost.

On top of that, the hardy mums should return each year, supplying future color for your garden. That’s a wildflower that does well in the garden. Dark blue flower spikes on pretty compact plants is a great contrast to the autumn blooming mums. Bloom commences in mid into late August and carries on until mid to late September. Asters are somewhat taller than the mums so they’ll add an extra dimension of elevation into the autumn flower garden. Plenty of colors and types are available, so you ought to be able to find whatever you will need to fulfill your outdoor dcor.

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There are types of this fall perennial that is gorgeous. The glowing yellow spikes of flowers lend an autumnal flavour to any flower garden. Pansies are a terrific addition to the autumn flower garden. In a sheltered location they could offer colour during winter during mild spells. Then in the early spring, they’ll burst forth to provide colour again till the summertime heat gets too oppressive for them. No fall garden is complete with no ornamental cabbages and kales. The burgundies, greens and respective pink shades of their decorative leaves fit right in with any fall motif. The colour should last throughout the first few light frosts.

Spring planted alyssum sometimes sulks throughout the hot summertime, but the colder autumn soon brings it out of his step in a fragrant cloud of fresh bloom. Old standbys Carpet of Snow and Royal Carpet are excellent selections, but there are a variety of new types to experiment with, too. The bright coloured mums and stars mixed with sunny yellow goldenrod, delicate looking pansies and flowing, shimmering alyssum could produce a really spectacular fall garden. Paul Wonning is the owner of Gardens and a website about gardening, hiking along with other nature related topics.

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