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10 most beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic

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10 most beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic

The most beautiful places in the Czech Republic


Apart from Prague, a city known for its unique charm, in  Czech Republic there are many other great destinations. Cesky Krumlov Cities, Kutna Hora and Karlstein castle is among the most popular attractions in the country.

10 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic – Czech Republic …

Feb 4, 2015 Czech Republic Travel Video: 10 Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic. Here is the main list of Places to Visit in the Czech Republic: 10.


Czech Republic is recognized especially for the beautiful architecture of old buildings, well preserved and less affected by time compared to other European cities. Also in the Czech Republic prices are lower in France or other Western destinations writes


The Czech capital is the first place you should set up camp tourists interested to discover the charm of this beautiful country. The city has a history of over a thousand years and flourished in medieval times, and during the Renaissance, its buildings is a fascinating combination of architectural styles. Prague is the most visited 10 cities in Europe. Among the most important sights here are Charles Bridge and many cathedrals and fairytale castles.


Cesky Krumlov is a medieval town that houses a large Bohemian castle XIII century. In the Middle Ages, this town in Bohemia became an important center of commerce, its development is favored by the location on the river Vltava. The buildings are well maintained and restored, retaining its small town charm as it had in the eighteenth century. The buildings were beautifully decorated facades and streets are paved with flagstones. All these details make Cesky Krumlov a unique destination, and good quality shops and restaurants with menus delicate.This city was built the first monastery in Bohemia, in 1142. The city developed due to silver resource discovered in the nearby mountains, becoming a mining town. Kutna Hora has many spectacular Gothic buildings, because it was long under German control. Among the most beautiful sights here include Hagia Varvara, with five naves cathedral. Also worth visiting Italian Court, the former royal residence, but also from Sedlec ossuary, where there is a church decorated entirely with human bones.

The seaside resort was built in XIII century on the site of hot springs which are believed can cure any disease. Because only the rich could afford to come here for treatment, all the buildings were built in Karlovy Vary in an opulent style, elegant, thus forming a special architecture. While a number of natural disasters had destroyed some buildings here, the resort has developed further, reaching a world-class centuries XVIII and XIX. The hot springs are used now, after 600 years since the inauguration of the resort, and their therapeutic effects are just as appreciated as then.

The castle was built in XIV century on the orders of Emperor Charles IV, the then leadership of the Holy Roman Empire. The building is Gothic and is just 30 km away from Prague, is a destination easily accessible and very popular. The castle had defensive role, was holding treasure, then royal residence. The building is organized on three terraces, and the most beautiful places here are the Imperial Palace and Marian Tower Great Tower. The last building was not inhabited, being used as a place of prayer.

Places to visit in the Czech Republic – Taking a vacation in Prague

What to see or do at night when taking a vacation in Prague
Perhaps you’re wondering what best to do or see when on a vacation in Prague; probably to cover for the evening hours. Prague is a city that buzzes with endless fun, especially for the nightlife. The ghost tours, beer tasting events, jazz shows, and even classic meals offered here will definitely make your vacation worthwhile. If you’re planning a trip to Prague, Czech Republic, you’ll want to look at the following selections Prague has to offer for a nightlife.

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Foods and drinks in Prague
Prague offers perfect evening cuisines. There are numerous hotels and restaurants that offers both classic and traditional cuisines. of course, the guide will advise you on the best places to have your dinner depending on your budget and preferences. Later, visiting a vineyard or brewery for wine or beer tasting can perfectly wrap up your evening!

Drive to Pub Crawl
Driving down to the Pub Crawl is fascinating! Of course, the pub is an ideal Prague at night activity. Here, you’ll definitely love the taste of meals and drinks offered. In addition, Pub Crawl allows you to enjoy a perfect view of this glamorous city.

Beer tasting events
Well, Prague has some of the best beers in the world. It’s quite odd to come and not visit the breweries for beer tasting events. How about going for the beer tasting events to try out some of the liquors you’ve never heard of? It’s fun and adventurous!

Taking some Jazz boat ride
One of the best ways of enjoying Prague at night is taking a jazz boat ride. Well, the cruise can also come along with a nice evening meal if you like. However, the ride itself is breathtaking! You’ll definitely love the local jazz band performances. Perhaps you can prefer sipping a cold drink when enjoying jazz music.

The Czech Folklore Evening
Ranging from the traditional cuisines, music, and dancing, a Czech evening can be worthwhile! The locals here are quite welcoming. Their entertainments are also breathtaking! The Czech folklore evening is very popular; a destination with something for everyone!

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