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5 most beautiful spa resorts in Romania

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5 most beautiful spa resorts in Romania

5 most beautiful spa resorts in Romania

In Romania there are some of the most beautiful spa resorts, these being some of the most popular holiday destinations. For various treatments, but also for relaxation or rest, many tourists search for the most beautiful spa resorts in Romania, this country being rich in areas with thermal waters, mineral springs and clean air. Once, the most sought-after holiday destinations were spa resorts. Those who opt for such a vacation were packed at affordable and very good conditions, relaxation, treatment and leisure. After the Revolution, our spa resorts fell into derision, losing their brilliance and notoriety of the past. Thus, many of them fell prey to disinterest and turned into ruins. However, some of them have preserved their beauty and notoriety, receiving a lot of tourists today,

Herculane baths

It is the oldest spa resort in Romania and one of the oldest in the world, being documented in 153 BC The springs generally have a temperature between 38 and 53 degrees Celsius, but there are also some with temperatures between 46 and 56 degrees Celsius . The resort is located in Caraş-Severin County, on the Cerna Valley and is part of the Cernei-Domogled Valley National Park. The main therapeutic factor of the resort is the sulphurous, iodate, brominated or bicarbonate sources, thermo-minerals and chlor-sodium sources, indicated both for external cleaning and for internal cleaning.

Călimatul – Căciulata, one of the most beautiful spa resorts in Romania, is renowned for its bioclimate and for the numerous tourist attractions in the area It is considered to be the most beautiful spa resort on the Olt Valley, being renowned for the therapeutic effects of its mineral waters, its bioclimate and the multitude of tourist attractions in the area. The mineral waters of Călimăneşti were used by the Emperor of France himself, Napoleon III. Călimăneşti-Căciulata baths are located in Valcea County, 18 kilometers north of Ramnicu Valcea. Natural factors for cleaning are the sulphurous, chlorinated, brominated, sodium, calcium and magnesium mineral waters.

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Vatra Dornei Named Pearl of Bucovina, Vatra Dornei is located 105 kilometers from Suceava and 40 kilometers from Campulung Moldovenesc. The waters here are mainly carbonated minerals, ferruginous, poorly bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, hypotones. You can also find peat mud transported from Poiana Stampei used in both mud bath and wrapping treatment.

Baile Felix The resort in northeastern Romania, situated at an altitude of 140 meters in the Crişuri Plain, lies exactly in the contact area with the hills and the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. The main feature of the Băile Felix resort is the high temperature of the thermal waters here, which set records of nearly 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason, Băile Felix can go for outdoor treatment stays, including during the winter. The main factors of the resort are the hypertermal, bicarbonate, calcium, silicic and sulphate oligomineral waters. The area is distinguished by a sedative cleansing bioclimate and there is also the option of fossil sapropelic slurry packaging.

Govora Baths, one of the most beautiful resorts in Romania, rich in iodized and brominated water in Europe The resort is located in the northeast of Valcea County and can be reached there by DN67, Râmnicu Vâlcea-Horezu-Targu Jiu. It is said that the name Govora originates from the Dacian dialect and means ditch, valley with many springs. Govora Baths is one of the richest spa resorts in iodine and bromine water in Europe, iodine and bromine of organic origin.


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