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8 most beautiful cities to visit in Russia

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Most beautiful cities to visit in Russia



The city, built by Tsar Peter the Great on a swampy ground proved a successful project became the new capital of Russia. It is now considered one of the most beautiful cities, is a paradise for lovers of architecture. The buildings are a combination of neoclassical and baroque, and among the sights to be seen are the Kazansky Cathedral and Church of the Resurrection.

Of course, we must not forget the Hermitage, the facade of green and white, or Dvortsovaya Bridge. Wide boulevards, ideal for walking, are another attraction, especially the famous Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg However turning into one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia


8 Best Places To Visit in Russia That Are Safe and Beautiful

Some of the best places to visit in Russia before you die are on this list, but it’s hardly even the tip of the iceberg. Considering the sheer size of this massive country, it would be impossible to cover even half of the attractions located here in


Moscow Russia‘s capital is a picturesque city with monuments and buildings dating from the fifteenth century and reminiscent of the tumultuous history of the country. Red Square and the Kremlin are sights that can not be overlooked, but nearby mausoleum that houses the mummified body of Lenin, is not recommended for those sensitive. No one remains indifferent to the fairytale beauty of the Church St. Basil.

In Moscow almost any place can be considered sightseeing, including old subway stations of a particular beauty.The most beautiful cities to visit in RussiaIt is a beautiful city, the third in importance in recent years, after Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in turn is part of the most beautiful cities in Russia. The metropolis is linked to the tragic destiny of the family of Tsar Nicholas II, who was executed here with his entire family. Their remains were decsoperit in 1998 and was built over the site of the massacre Blood Church. There are many attractions, museums, art galleries and theaters. Near the city, in the Ural Mountains, is the boundary that separates Europe from Asia.

The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia

Located on the Black Sea coast, near the border between Georgia and Abkhazia, it is one of the few places in the subtropical climate in Russia, with warm summers and mild winters. It is a very popular resort town, occupying 145 km of coastline. Among the sights that make Sochi one of the most beautiful cities in Russia are Church St. Vladimir, Summer Theatre, Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, the Art Museum and the Botanical Garden Arboretum.

The most beautiful cities to visit in Russia

It is the capital of the Russian republic of Tatarstan, where language alongside Russian and Tatar language speaking, culturally diverse metropolis including it among the most beautiful cities in Russia. It is a cozy, Qolsarif Mosque is the main tourist attraction, which at the time of its construction, in the sixteenth century, the largest mosque in Russia.

The building was destroyed in 1552 by Ivan the Terrible and was rebuilt in 1996.Palace Square is essential watch attraction in St. It had been built before 3 hundreds of years somewhere in the seventeenth century. This palace was designed by architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Festivals and many parades stories near this palace today. A grid has been assembled with beautiful pink and grey granite tiles in the year 1977. The main attractions here are the Winter Palace, General Staff Building and Guards Corps Headquarters and Alexander Column. Enjoy the Great surroundings of Palace Square. The next in the list is longest river at Europe.

Around 11 cities of Russia are located in Volgas watershed. There is an assortment of dams built on the banks of the river. You can learn about many communities by visiting this location and their culture. There are also ship cruises for tourists and the nature at the nearby regions of Volga River is breathtaking.

You may also takes boat rides to explore much more of small villages here and also enjoy some tasty Russian meals. 8 The Holy Trinity- St. Sergius Lavra – The Holy Trinity is the Russian monastery and also religious center. This monastery was discovered in the thirteenth century by a Russian saint, Sergius of Radonezh.

This monastery has been closed after the Russian revolution of the calendar year 1917. Situated in the eastern side of Moscow, the city has many historic as well as modernized styled structures and buildings. A few of the finest attractions of Vladimir are Golden Gate, Assumption Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Demetrius and several others. White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal are named from the UNESCO Heritage List. You may also take a long walk in lovely public parks in this city.

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Catherine Palace is situated in the Great city of Tsarkoye Selo that is on the south side of St. This palace used to be summer residence of Russian tsars. About 100 kg of gold are utilized to create stucco facades and there are many sculptures here. The entrance gate is built at Rococo style and there are dining tables that have dumbwaiter mechanisms.

Russia could have its own Suez Canal

Portman Venta Maersk is about to become the first high-capacity freight vessel crossing the Arctic Ocean on the North Sea route, passing through Russia‘s territorial waters, a route that would shorten by two weeks the time required for a similar classical trip which involves the passage of the Suez Canal.

Urban Dictionary: russian water

A double-entendre nickname for vodka. Its name comes from the word “voda” ( Вода), which means “water,” due to its clear appearance. Russians are also …



And this is possible in the context of high summer temperatures and melting ice in Arctic Arc polar regions, writes The Washington Post. Venta Maersk, owned by Danish shipping giant Maersk, left August 23 from Vladivostok to Busan, South Korea, from where he again raised the anchor to reach the North Sea route in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Portcontainer, now loaded with South Korean electronic products and frozen fish from Vladivostok, would arrive in Germany on September 22, and from there he will leave for St. Petersburg, Russia. Economic advantages The voyage of the Venta, which has the capacity to carry 3,600 containers, makes it clear that this route is becoming more accessible to ships, especially during July-October, as a result of global warming.

At the same time, it gives hope to Russia that it could have its own Suez Canal, which would reduce the duration of shipping between Asia and Europe. And not only Russia is interested in making this route a seasonal alternative to shipping via the Suez Canal in Egypt. China also hopes that this Arctic Ocean route will also be able to be used by high-capacity vessels, as navigation time would fall considerably.

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The same is the fuel consumption, therefore, implicitly the transport costs. For example, according to, a ship departing from South Korea to Germany via Cape of Good Hope in South Africa needs an average of 46 days to reach its destination, while a similar trip via the Suez Canal would take 34 days. The North Sea Route involves only 23 days.

In addition, Russian company Rosatom, which has the world’s largest fleet of nuclear ice breakers, says the Arctic Ocean route is not crowded and there are no pirates in the area. But that does not mean there is no danger. “If you do it hard, you are very far from civilization,” said Mika Hovilainen, project manager at Aker Arctic Technology. According to him, in the Arctic are “extreme conditions” even in the summer. Another disadvantage would be the bad impact on the environment, warns scientists who fear oil leakage or dangerous substances may occur in the area, given that global climate conditions are, however, difficult.

A potential new conflict Last but not least, Russia and its competitors may end up in a conflict over who controls in the area. “The Arctic region has transformed a number of states into a subject of territorial, military-strategic and resource-related interest,” Defense Minister Serghei Soigu warned last month. “This could increase the potential for a conflict in this region,” he added.

If decades ago, the area was a Cold War chessboard for ships and submarines, the next battle would be more of a commercial nature, comments The Washington Post. An exploration trip Meanwhile, the Venta has another mission – to gather scientific data, as Maersk spokeswoman Janina von Spalding said. At the same time, there are Russian ship pilots on board to help staff on board to cope with the dangers of the ice in the region. And for everything to go as far as possible, four Russian nuclear ice breakers are ready to assist the Venta if necessary.

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1 day ago  LONDON — Under partly sunny skies and relatively balmy temperatures in the low 50s, the Venta Maersk sailed through the Bering Strait this …



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