9 perfect tourist destinations for this fall

9 perfect tourist destinations for this fall

9 perfect tourist destinations for this fall


9 perfect tourist destinations for this fall

Pleasure travel should not change depending on the season, destinations, however, may be different. We have made a list of recommendations for those who want to relax a few days in Europe during this period, and to enjoy the scenery of autumn, temperatures pleasant and events local.

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1. Barcelona, Spain Deserves to enjoy Barcelona autumn when the heat is gone but you can still go to the beach. Located between sea and mountains, the city of Barcelona is just as attractive in September and October by its mix of Gothic and modern architecture. Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi’s modernist masterpieces waiting for you to admire. Also, do not miss a walk through the Ciutadella Park, the oasis of tranquility in the city center, where you can prepare a picnic with traditional products, or you can find many activities alongside the locals.

2. Rome, Italy Rome is full of archaeological sites, churches and museums that allow you to explore a mixture of ancient and modern art beauty accentuated by beautiful autumn days. Whether you are here for a weekend city break or a vacation week, the “Eternal City” melancholy’re projecting their own history of over 2,800 years old.

3. Lisbon, Portugal If you are looking for an affordable destinations, Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is quite cheap especially in season. The sun still shining all day, the weather is beautiful, but not suffocating, and hotels and restaurants compete for deals and discounts. To do not miss anything of what the city can offer, download virtual Lisbon’s guide, available free in English on the iPhone.

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4. Madrid, Spain Madrid is waiting only cinema in Spain 100% dedicated to documentary screenings, Cineteca. It features an impressive archive that allows viewing more than 7000 documentaries for free. Once in one of the most popular capitals in Europe, certainly will not resist the temptation to taste the delicious tapas and ieftinele, along with a sangria while you tour the city on foot.

9 perfect tourist destinations for this fall

5. Tuscany, Italy Few countries give as cultural importance autumn harvest and Italy. In Tuscany you can join the tradition vendemmia (vintage) and learn more about local wines and the manufacturing process or you can go in search of truffles in the forests Tuscan (and do not miss a serving of authentic pasta with boletus). If you go later in the season, you’ll catch the olive harvest and therefore you should not miss tasting fresh olive oil.

6. Berlin, Germany With its earthy colors, autumn color dress fascinating city of Berlin and many residents trying to match the “garb” city. If you want to follow their example, you can find hidden objects used in flea markets or can come into vintage clothing stores scattered at every street corner. Continue walking through Berlin to discover an impressive number of art galleries on Auguststraße in the heart of the Old Quarter Hebrew, or go to a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra where, sometimes, the entrance is free.

7. Lodz, Poland Discover the colors of autumn in Lodz City Park Staromiejski. The Polish city put together the old red brick factory buildings and facades of Art Nouveau street artists painted over most exciting visions. The result of this mix? Nothing less than a city turned into a real art gallery. You will love to walk along the street Piotrkowska in company buildings painted in different colors (lit at night).

8. Markt Hartmannsdorf, Austria The land is cultivated and the sun hangs in a patch above the village of Markt Hartmannsdorf Austrian Province of Styria. The small village of 3000 inhabitants sums as you will only force from urban bustle and make you feel like you’re in the countryside perfect. Assume the luxury of waking up in the receiving room of a farm from the site, because early autumn days are perfect to assist in harvesting the fruit and such other activities of this kind. To get around, you can book a flight to Graz.

9. Paris, France Although in September and October temperatures can reach on average 15 ° C, Paris offers shelter for those who are patient, romance and glamor own in many jewelry artists like Rodin Museum, Palais de Tokyo, contemporary art, or Musée Vie Romantique from (romantic Life Museum) dedicated to the early romantic period 1820 to 1850, where you can walk around the small living rooms or spend time reading a book, sitting on a sofa in the Victorian style.

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