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A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles

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A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles


A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles

How we can spend the entire holiday visiting or even sleeping in every castle in Europe, here are the 14 most spectacular locations of its kind in the old continent.

Following in Dracula’s Footsteps

Bran Castle is the number one tourist destination in Romania as well as a minor disappointment if you’re looking for vampire stereotypes. It’s scary-looking enough from the outside as it rises on a jagged cliff, but its interior is, well, less than

According to the site, among the most impressive castles and palaces include 14 such medieval buildings, including the foreign attributed Count Dracula. It’s about Bran Castle, the site of many legends, which were made both shots for artistic productions and documentaries related to Prince Vlad the Impaler.

Monastery on Mount Saint-Michel in Normandy, France France is home to one of the “wonders of the West” as has been dubbed Le Mont Saint-Michel, a granite cliff 78 meters high, is located in the Gulf of Saint-Malo in the English Channel. Rock is occupied by a village and a fortified monastery which served as a prison during the French Revolution. Currently, the building is one of the most recognizable sights of France.

Bran Castle was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula but only spent a short time there, as specified site Thrillist. Beyond the story of the place, the castle is a medieval fortress with an interesting history, which tourists can discover during a tour organized through secret tunnels and dark spaces.

Bran Castle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bran Castle situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border …

Pena National Palace in Sintra, Portugal Suspended on a hill, this romantic Portuguese palace can be seen even from Lisbon on a sunny day. However, it pays to follow the 30 kilometers if you leave the capital, to explore its lush gardens and vibrant walls.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany Literally a castle in the clouds, Hohenzollern castle is located on a mountain height of 841.5 meters, which is part of the Alps Swabians. Erected in the late eleventh century, its majestic towers were rebuilt twice, the first time after being destroyed in a siege that lasted ten months and later due to poor conditions had. Once home to the kings, Hohenzollern is now a major tourist attraction in Southern Germany.

Castle Hohenwerfen Werfen, Austria Situated on a cliff, with an age of 950 years, you might think Hohenwerfen to fall, but this formidable fortress, one of the best preserved in Europe, is just as strong. Over the centuries, it has survived countless attacks, and once served as a prison even nobility.

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A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles

English: Bran castle, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Among the “treasures” hidden Romania, of which very few have heard include Castle-Calendar in Transylvania. A place full of mystery that hides a beautiful love story and its unique architecture that could attract hundreds of thousands of tourists that would be greatly promoted. Bran Castle, …


Castle Carreg Cennen of Trapp, Wales Castell Carreg Cennen means “castle on the cliff” and are found in the area more castles per square meter than anywhere else. Although it is the only one who is in ruins, Carreg Cennen is considered to be the most beautiful unique because of the sight which he offers.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany European castles crown should belong, according to the site, Neuschwanstein Castle, which brings over a million visitors annually, making it the world’s most photographed palace. Despite its unusual architecture and fairy tale that inspired Walt Disney tale castle Neuschwanstein hides a dark secret. It was built in 1869 as a hiding place Fool King Ludwig, whose death remains a mystery.

Guedelon Castle in Burgundy, France Guedelon Castle is the only castle on this list that is not old – in fact it is not even finished. Its construction started in 1997 and is a project with a simple premise: the use of techniques and technology XIII century to build a castle from scratch.

Predjama Castle of Predjama, Slovenia Predjama castle is built in a cave, so please stay tuned for more cells and underground tunnels. Predjama castle has a bloody past – a robber baron spent a year there, under siege, before dying as a result of betrayal.

Versailles, France Versailles is known as the royal field spread of the world, measuring 78,000 m². From epic Hall of Mirrors to the Royal Chapel, Versailles is definitely icing on the cake (Queen Marie Antoinette is known for its small breakfast which consisted of cake and hot chocolate – no) when it comes to opulence.

Coca Castle in Segovia, Spain At a distance of 90 minutes from Madrid you can visit a beautiful red brick colossus known as Coca Castle. Except that surrounds the castle moat which currently lies without water fortress it looks just looked like hundreds of years ago, back when Roman Emperor Theodosius was brought forth there.

Windsor Castle, England Castle Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest castle in the world that is still inhabited. When the queen is home, this is signaled by a raised flag from one of the towers of the castle.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic The size of seven football fields, Prague Castle is considered to be the largest castle in the world since ancient times. Visiting the castle can be difficult and confusing when you consider its labyrinth of churches, gardens and alleys. Assuming that you have lost, you’d better not miss St Vitus Cathedral of St. John of Nepomuk and the grave, a crypt huge solid silver.

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Castle Ksiaz in Walbrzych, Poland This delightful castle entered the Polish international media attention recently after rumors occurrence discovery on a train packed with Nazi gold hidden in the castle. Ksiaz Third Reich occupied in 1944, with the plan to turn it into Hitler’s house, supposedly. Which is why his treasure hunters prowl, looking for hidden assets. Ksiaz is also a popular tourist attraction, known for its eclectic architectural style and surrounding vegetation.

A castle in Romania is one of 14 most impressive castles

Two Canadians slept in Dracula’s castle

Canadian brothers were guests of Count Dracula. They won a contest and the prize was a night Bran Castle, where one has not slept in seven decades.

BRAN CASTLE – The Official Website

We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place of Transylvania, the Bran Castle…commonly known as …


Nobody slept Bran Castle 70 years Canadian brothers lived the adventure of life. They just come to Romania to spend Halloween night in Bran Castle in Transylvania. It was the first time in the last 70 years, when someone sleeping in Dracula‘s house Tami Varma, event organizer, and her brother, Robin, a medical student, won the contest organized by Airbnb, of which more than 88,000 people worldwide have tried to get the chance to sleep at Bran Castle in Romania, writes stltoday. com.

Two grandsons are Devendra P. Varma, a seeker of gothic stories and secrets vampire expert who visited the castle in 1971. Tami turn and Robin won the contest by answering the question: “What would you say if Dracula did you meet him? “. They explained briefly that their grandfather expert in gothic fiction, he conveyed his passion for mysterious stories. “I’ll do anything to be invited to the castle that inspired vampire,” they said.


Inside ‘Dracula’s Castle’ in Romania | Daily Mail Online

Jul 15, 2014  It is the hilltop fortress that supposedly has ties to Dracula. These spectacular images show the interior of Bran Castle, the Romanian ‘home’ of …

Met by Bram Stoker‘s great-grandson The two winners arrived at dusk in a carriage drawn by two black horses, being greeted by Dacre Stoker, the great-grandson of the famous writer Bram Stoker, author of the novel “Dracula“.

“Welcome to my house! Enter quietly. Go safely, and leave to surface that brings you happiness, “he said, repeating the famous words of the count. 


Bran Castle, upgraded with one million euros

English: Bran castle, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Bran Castle will be modernized with over one million euros, writes Tourists visiting the castle will follow the path we traversed the royal family when they wanted to go, shortcut, in the castle. The sum of one million euros will be used for work at …


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The atmosphere was enriched by poor snow that fell over the castle built in the XIVth century, where it is believed that he was the soul of Vlad the Impaler, the ruler who inspired Bram Stoker’s novel. Later they went to dine, the food was prepared exactly as described in the novel horror dinner in 1987. They ate chicken papricash, famous Transylvanian cheeses were served with sausages and plum brandy and blackcurrant.

Without silver, the castle garlic Winners were respected and few rules, such as garlic or silver do not bring with them not to sit silverware in the shape of the cross, to close all curtains before sunrise and do not selfie in the mirror. At night they spent two red coffins, thinking of the appearance of Count Dracula


365 windows, 52 rooms and 7 terraces. Unique in Romania

Among the “treasures” hidden Romania, of which very few have heard include Castle-Calendar in Transylvania. A place full of  mystery that hides a beautiful love story and its unique architecture that could attract hundreds of thousands of tourists that would be greatly promoted.
Built on a hill near the town of Plain Really, in 1911, Castle-Calendar is not just a legend. The building has 365 windows, how many days in a year, 52 rooms, how many weeks are in a year, and 4 towers, like the seasons. It was built by Istvan Ugron, then Austro-Hungarian ambassador to Russia, who asked to be raised as a witness to the eternal love they bear for one of the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.
Unfortunately, the princess claims were too high. It asked Baron to pave the way to the castle with gold money, but wish could not be fulfilled because Baron ran out of money. A few years later she was killed and then Baron never married.


According to Wikipedia, for three years local people were forced to work there for free with their tools and animals. Castle of the Plain Really was not visited very often baron. However he lifted his ambition was to build a summer residence completely and totally different from any other residence.

During communism it was taken by the state and has received several destinations in time. The furniture was confiscated by the communist leadership and transfer to Turda, which was then the center of the county. The castle was, in turn, sanatorium for TB patients, school and granary, and in recent years orphanage.

Currently, the castle became the center of plasamament subordinated Mures County Council and accommodates approximately 70 orphan girls. Unfortunately, the building is getting worse by the day, however.

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