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A temple in India is led by 20,000 rats

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A temple in India is led by 20,000 rats

A temple in India is led by 20,000 rats

As in many cultures rats are considered pests in an Indian temple 20,000 rodents are fed and revered.

Karni Mata temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess of Rajasthan, India, has become famous for his devotion to the furry creatures, where visitors are not allowed to hurt rats. In fact, measures were taken to protect rats from predators.

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In folklore there are two stories about rats which explains why they are protected and worshiped in this temple. One of them says that all the children were once born rats. In the latter, the rats were 20,000 soldiers. Whatever the story, the rats in this temple pestigios status, writes Daily Mail.

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Dec 4, 2013 … Raja Chola I. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Brihadeeswara temple is the largest temple in India that is situated at Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu.


Among the thousands of rats in the temple, there are some whites considered a blessing, so visitors are encouraged to feed them.


New York  metropolitan region has more rats than people?

A record number of 24,000 complaints against rats were recorded this year in New York, where the authorities have intensified the fight against thousands of swarming rodents parks, subways and sewer.

Increasing the number of complaints does not mean an increase in the number of rats, the mayor underlined that assigns record numbers of new phone applications, launched in February, facilitating complaints.

Municipal Department of Health has intensified battle against rats program with a budget of 2.9 million dollars, compared to $ 400,000 previously, while the number of employees increasing from 9 to 50 people. Authorities have tested a new strategy in Manhattan and Bronx, intensifying operations eliminating the rat populations.

In October 2014, the city auditor New York, Scott Stringer denounced rat problem considering that “are too numerous and the need for a real plan of action to solve the problem.”

One of these rats has recently become a celebrity on YouTube where he is trying to descend a ladder saw him pulling a slice of pizza.

Rats are almost as old as the city dating from the colonial era. What is their number? Legend has it that there are as many as New Yorkers are 8.4 million, but a statistician at the University of Columbia, Jonathan Auerbach, equaled their number at about 2 million.

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