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Beyonce helped Louvre Museum beat the visitors record

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Beyonce helped Louvre Museum beat the visitors record

Beyonce helped Louvre Museum beat the visitors record

The Louvre Museum in Paris recorded a record number of visitors in 2018: about 10.2 million people. It is an unprecedented number for this institution which, thanks to these figures, has become the most visited museum in the world.

“For the first time in history and for the first time in the history of museums, over 10 million tourists visited the Louvre in 2018 , “ said Jean-Luc Martinez, president of the institution’s CEO, according to the BBC.

The Guardian thinks that the record would actually be due to Carter – Beyonce and Jay-Z – who rented the Luvrul for a day in 2018 to shoot the APESHIT video , a reminder of how art deleted from history actors who were not white.

The video opens with portrait of Mona Lisa and ends with Portrait D’Une Négresse. The music stops for a few minutes to show us a portrait of Madame Récamier‘s painting.The video, choreographed by Belgian ballerina Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, was filmed discreetly on the night of May 31st to June 1, 2018 at the Louvre Museum in central Paris and presented during a London concert in their world tour OTR II.

The bodies of seemingly empty dancers alternate with the pictures of historical paintings signed by Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon Bonaparte’s court painter, or Leonardo Da Vinci‘s Gioconda, and sculptures such as Venus of Milo or Victoria of Samotrace.

According to Le Parisien, APESHIT is a political video that seeks to “affirm the equality of African-American and White culture.”

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The video sparked tourists’ interest and forced them to cross the museum’s doorstep. Thus, the Louvre Museum recorded a 25% increase in the number of visitors by 10.2 million people compared to 8.1 million in 2017, thus losing its own record in 2012, when no less than 9.7 million of people have passed the threshold of the institution that houses famous works of art.

The record was also due to a revival in international tourism in the capital of France after a 30% drop in recent years as a result of the 2015 theorist attacks. Foreign tourists account for about 70% of the museum’s visitors, and they mainly look from the US, China and EU countries.

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, the most spectacular sights to be opened

Lonely Planet, the largest publisher of travel guides in the world, has made a list of the most exciting new destinations to travel in 2016.

Louvre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After the defeat of Napoleon, the Nile was returned to Italy. However, the Tiber remained in the Louvre Museum and can be seen in the collections today.

The first artificial lagoon, located in Wales, UK, is one of the most interesting sights that will be inaugurated in 2016, according to publisher Lonely Planet. With an estimated value of about 16 million, lagoon Snowdonia intended surfers, will open in spring 2016. It is 305 meters long and uses rainwater to produce waves every 60 seconds. The top have joined, among others, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and a new high-speed train in Japan. “Our experts have traveled the world tour to discover the extraordinary tourist attractions,” said director of Lonely Planet, Noirin Hagarty. In addition to new destinations, the list also includes old destinations under development, Akagera National Park in Rwanda, the new currency will be brought, and the Panama Canal, the expansion of which have invested approximately EUR 4.58 billion.

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And the new Louvre museum complex, built in Abu Dhabi, whose inauguration will take place this year, entered the list drawn up by specialists. Futuristic building, the dome will be located on an artificial lake and will house works of art from different eras, from the Buddhist engravings, paintings in oil Italian. Also in 2016 will be inaugurated a new building of Tate Modern art gallery in London. It will have 10 floors and will be open from June 17.

Beyoncé, holiday over 1,500,000 euros in Croatia

Beyoncé and Jay-Z walk along the European sea aboard one of the most luxurious yachts, specifically with LANA, exclusively for charter holidays. The singer flew to Croatia with her family: husband Jay-Z (50) and three children, Blue Ivy Carter, eight, and twins Rumi and Sir Carter, three.

Beautiful Beyonce turned 39 on September 4. He chose to celebrate on a yacht trip along the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Croatia. He spent most of his time on the Yacht Lana, anchored in the Dubrovnik Riviera. Later, the family chose a smaller boat to go to the heart-shaped island of Galesnjak. According to a source close to the star, family members took several trips, took photos and had a great time. The Lana Yacht is longer than a football field and has many facilities.


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