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Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

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Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

When it comes to accommodation in a hotel, cleanliness is very important, especially to use objects intimately, such as sheets and towels and in many cases is precisely those “forgotten” by those in charge of cleaning. Sharon Zeev, Michael Forrest and Jones are the owners of brand new hotels in the United States. In addition, Jones joined Beechmont Hotels Corporation, in consultation with the owners of hotels and seeking solutions for business improvement.

Here are the secrets that people at reception they would never reveal customers while they are staying, according to two:1. Litter does not wash off each time According to Forrest Jones, change and wash bedding, normally every time a guest‘s skin came into contact with them. However, even the most luxurious hotels rated disregard of this rule every time.


Hotel Owners Looking to Stay Current Put Money in Properties

These represent some of the latest capital expenditures by American hotel owners identified in a new survey by Bjorn Hanson, a professor at the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism at New York University, who estimates that this spending will climb



It is not recommended to use wooden shelves Beetles love wood. Even if a wooden wardrobe looks more sophisticated than one iron is probably full of bugs. Jones recommends guests to store their clothes and remaining assets elsewhere, not on pieces of wooden furniture.

Hotel room prices are dependent investment Zeev Sharon said the golden rule for luxury hotels is that prices of hotel rooms to determine based on the investment so that, for each $ 1,000 invested in a room, the hotel charge a fee of one dollar. So a room where they invested $ 300,000 will cost on average $ 300 per night.

Hotel owners like bed tax expansion

ELIZABETHTOWN — Lodging operators turned out in force to say they like Essex County‘s planned expansion of its occupancy tax to include vacation home rentals. The County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on the proposed local law that would …

Beware of wall-mounted hair dryer This device contains more germs than any other object in the room. Other items are infested remotes and bedside lamps. “These objects are often forgotten when cleaned,” says Forrest Jones.

Fairlie Hotel owners buy it for lifestyle

Fairlie Hotel owners buy it for lifestyle. CHRIS HYDE. Last updated 11:47, September 19 2015. Kissthana Melecio, Tony Kavanaugh and their dog Chloe are looking forward to their first venture. John Bisset. Kissthana Melecio, Tony Kavanaugh and their dog …

The problem of dirty towels “You know where you are, most often, towels in rooms that were men occupation? On the floor by the bed. Almost every time, “said Jones often left uncleaned towels problem.

Hotel owners told to be on the lookout for sneak-in thief after several break-ins

Hotel and bed and breakfast proprietors were this week advised to be on their guard against a thief believed to have stolen thousands of pounds worth of jewellery. It follows several thefts and attempted thefts reported around Callander at the end of

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

Disclosures of a 5 star hotel former employee

A former employee of a 5-star hotel recounts bizarre activities taking place behind closed doors, revealing unusual occupations of visitors surprised when dealing with room service.

A former employee of a luxury hotel told the “Daily Mail” backstage details, including a photo session indecent that surprised her when he was called into a room. One of the images that have remained imprinted in the memory was when he was called to bring champagne in a room where there is a tripod positioned to bed. Initially she thought that there be an interview but, to his surprise, saw that there were three people in the room. “Sometimes, certain companies renting apartments to take interviews and I thought the same thing was happening then. But in fact, there have been a sex threesome. In the room were a man and two women and a semi-professional camcorder. Surely they were not going to make a movie work, “he told the former employee. Despite the fact that those in charge of room service should bring bucket and pour it into glasses beverage, former employee has decided to leave the room as soon as it was clear that the visitors were busy and did not want to distract. For it was already quite normal to come across guests who were having sex. Most shameful task that he had to remind visitors that it was not allowed to have sex in the hotel pool because I happened to see through the window a couple doing this.

In the top of the list is a naked man who was locked outside while the room emptied a tray and thus was forced to come to reception to ask for a key. Also, an interesting development which has led to amuse hotel employees was finding a vibrator, looked in one of the rooms. However, despite the strange circumstances in which they were caught, the visitors did not care and do not mind paying good money so as to stay at a 5 star  hotel.

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