Family vacation package

Family vacation package essential questions

What time of year would you like to book your family vacation package?

It is wise to start with the issue of when you want to go, since it will rule out potentially miserable circumstances immediately. Like visiting a foreign country in the middle of its rainy season, or spending time during its inside-the-oven hot season in an otherwise fantastic holiday area.

Nailing down the “when” often allows you to skirt the high season holiday for popular destinations such as the Caribbean. Clearly, during the winter season, which lasts from mid-December to around mid-April, families are all trying to catch a break, so prices will be highest everywhere then. Consider setting up your family getaway during the Caribbean “shoulder season,” which is late spring and fall, if you’ve got Aruba or Turks and Caicos in mind.

However, for most communities, the school season is also wedding season. Instant dispute in scheduling. Instead, if you are not one to take your children out of school for a few days, you might strive for the low season in the northern hemisphere, which is June through August, or summer. Just know that while you can score big deals and then slash travel costs, you will need to plan to deal with some potentially sky-high temperatures and humidity figures.

It’s not a game like Southern Florida in August. Basically, 96% of your holiday will be spent complaining about how damn hot it is and stocking up on Gatorade.

Then again, you do not have the kind of family that has been disrupted by high temperatures. And remember that while it might officially swell out, when you’re super close to the beach, the shade of some palm trees, and a cool drink with a parasol in it, it’s sure to balance the sun.

How far would you like to travel when you get your family vacation package?

State you have three children under the age of six. I’d say that taking a 10-hour flight — with two connexions — from the east coast to Hawaii for your family vacation may not be among the best plans.

You know the best of your children. Your toddlers can be pretty nice on long flights. Maybe you’ve got tweens that can hang in there with red-eye flights and time-zone jumps. Let your own children be your guide if you’re deciding whether to keep your holiday reasonably domestic, with a simple jaunt to a Walt Disney World resort.

Do you want to make your family vacation package an all-inclusive?

Going down the all-inclusive route can seem like a no-brainer, particularly when you’re factoring in children. There are certainly pros going all-inclusive:

You don’t need to bring money or credit cards in your beach bag.
You know how much money the trip will cost (give or take) before you depart.
No need to buy food, cook, or have lunch!)
You can eat as often and as often as you want without having to look for restaurants.
You remove the need for a rental car and land transport.
There’s no need to bring cash; even if liquor isn’t included, you can bill it to your space.
There are a lot of activities available right on property
Generally, there is access to a children’s club and family-friendly sitting facilities.

There are, however, a few downsides to consider for an all-inclusive, too:

Dining choices and meals may be restricted.
Food quality can be meh in many resorts.
Reservations may be needed at the on-site restaurants.
It can be more costly , particularly if you pay a full price for young children or non-drinkers.
If you venture out of the resort to try other events or restaurants, you’re basically paying twice for those things.
There are also additional events, such as tours, motorised water activities and spa facilities.

What are the food choices for the family resort when you reserve a family vacation package?

If you’re going to have an all-inclusive experience, make sure you know what to expect from the food choices there, because we all know that this can be a big deal when you’ve got picky kids in tow. Is the resort just buffets or restaurants à la carte? Is the food going to be authentic to the local you’re visiting or are we talking all-fried things with ketchup on the side?

Will the family resort have children’s clubs or children’s clubs?

This may be the most divisive issue about family travel — how much time do you spend with children compared to time spent as family? 
The answer is entirely up to you. 
But would think that if your children are old enough to have an opinion on such things — like 
three — they may want to spend little more time with children of their own age than with their parents.
Many family resorts have complimentary kids’ club with some pretty awesome activities.


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