Music Festival Holidays

Music Festival Holidays Guide


Most festivals are going to go ahead, whatever the weather.Some got massive beer tent 
and massive music and entertainment marquee. Just note that although the marquee 
offers rain cover, it’s not heated. So if the weather forecast looks bit cool particularly in the evening – remember to wear appropriate clothing.

BICYCLE Storage at Music Festival Holidays

There are no unique on-site facilities appropriate for storage of bicycles during the festival. 
However, if you make yourself known to one of the parking stewards at your arrival, they will show 
you the area adjacent to the Portakabin near the entrance, where you can place your bicycles in fair safety.
Please note that festivals can not be held responsible for any loss injury, theft or destruction 
of your bicycles or any other item of your property stored or stored in or around the site.

May I take my OWN DRINKS to the Music Festival Holidays?

Alcoholic drinks: No, you are not permitted to bring your own alcoholic drinks to the festival .

At the entrance, you will be politely asked if you have any alcohol and you will be asked to allow us to search. We don’t want to be paranoiatic, but any bottle of liquids can also be tested. Any illegal alcohol will be confiscated by the security squad, who are also trained security officers.

Non-alcoholic beverages: You can carry unopened soft drinks and unopened bottles of water, but glass bottles and other glass containers are not permitted.

May I take my dog?

With one exception (see below) dogs are not permitted on the festival site, as we must consider the health and welfare of all our guests – and the well-being of the dogs themselves.

Recognized assistance dogs with formal registration are permitted on the festival site with their owners. This includes all assistance dogs as known by Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK).

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