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Safe destinations where it is cheaper to travel alone

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Safe destinations where it is cheaper to travel alone

Safe destinations where it is cheaper to travel alone

Travel alone is considered to be one of the most important travel trends in 2018. The number of people who choose such an experience seems to increase from year to year. Searching for “best places for single-country women”, “best countries for self-travel” or “best travel alone” have increased over the last year by around 50-80%.

Solo travel: the best tour operators for singles – Telegraph

May 24, 2017 Some of the best holidays I’ve had have been those where I have set off on my own and travelled with strangers. Experience has shown me that I’ll find like- minded companions in any group. Statistics tell us that one in four British adults has never married or is divorced or widowed. Add to these singletons …


You have probably chuckled with the idea of ​​making your baggage and going alone, either on your birthday or because you were promoted, or because you just want a change. A journey of this type is possible whether or not you are in a relationship.

You have probably chuckled with the idea of ​​making your baggage and going alone, either on your birthday or because you were promoted, or because you just want a change. A journey of this type is possible whether or not you are in a relationship.

Those for whom larger distances are not a hindrance may also consider other destinations. The key factor remains the detailed preparation of the trip, including the checking of the means of transport at the airport and the easiest way to reach the place of accommodation.

Single or Double Room? Often travelers on their own have difficulty finding a hotel for affordable accommodation – they often have to stay in a double room, paying exactly the same price that two travelers will pay. That’s why we checked in which cities single rooms are less expensive than doubles. According to the analysis, tourists can save up to 93% of average accommodation costs if they plan their stay carefully.

The largest hotel accommodation economy can be made in Denpasar, where the single room costs an average of 27 euros, saving up to 93% of the average price of a double room in this city. Agadir also seems to be a destination for a single traveler, as the single room is on average 88% cheaper than the double.

The list of the best three cities for a trip alone is complemented by another exotic place – choosing a single room for a double in Male will allow travelers alone to save an average of 81% of the price. Tourists plan to go on their own and have at their disposal many interesting destinations, including European cities like Luqa or Ibiza. Among the cities where this option is available are Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Warsaw, where average single room prices are up to 22% higher than those for a double room.

What do you do when you arrive at your destination and you do not have a travel partner Having the administrative details covered, travelers should begin planning their free time at their destination. 


Beyond free guided tours around the city center, offered in all major tourist destinations, it’s a good idea to plan some activities that focus on your interests and passions. It’s not just a great opportunity to have fun, but also to meet people who appreciate similar things and with whom you could socialize. An example of such an experience could be local cooking workshops or an organized wine tour. You can also help the momondo free application that helps you select the most interesting places to visit at your destination.

Another way to enjoy your holiday is to relax and massage can be a wonderful experience, as can be an interesting book read at a cup of coffee. In order not to be surprised by the cost of such pleasure, we  included below their estimated costs. The most expensive spa services that the tourists will find are in Male, but there are places where they can find really interesting prices. In Denpasar and Agadir, average prices are the lowest – 19 euros and 23 euros respectively. As for the price for a coffee or a meal at a cheap restaurant, tourists should not worry, prices are similar to those in the country, shows the  analysis.

Ten Tips for Traveling Alone

Oct 23, 2017 Whether you haven’t met that special someone, are traveling on business, or simply need some “alone time,” traveling alone can be entirely …



Nothing compares to holidays alone. If you have not tried this before, travel bloggers recommend trying this experience, following some tips to keep you safe.There is no better way to discover the world than to conquer it by yourself. But, one of the most beautiful experiences, many do not have the courage to go on their own in a foreign country.

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Safe destinations where it is cheaper to travel alone

How does it feel to travel alone in a foreign country? – Quora

Traveling alone in a foreign country is like being in a love-affair relationship. It oscillates between extreme highs and extreme lows, with long-stable periods of in-between often including boredom. Except the relationship is with yourself. Trave…


Reader’s Digest has produced a list of the most important tips that travel bloggers take when traveling: Learn common phrases to help you communicate with locals Beyond basic words such as “greet”, “goodbye” and “thank you”, it is essential to learn terms and phrases that can help you communicate with locals in case of emergency. Whether you need guidance to the nearest hospital or if you need help to call the police, knowing key phrases will speed up your communication skills.

Do not be afraid to hide the truth Knowing locals along your journey can be an interesting experience, but if the questions make you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to hide some of the truth for your sake. Keep in mind the habits and culture of the place Keep in mind the culture of where you arrived when you choose the clothes you wear. If you are dressed in a way that locals find it inappropriate, you will attract attention and possible conflicts.

Find out what topics you should avoid Discussions with locals are one of the best ways to learn more about the places and cultural habits of the area. But take care of delicate topics that could hurt you. Avoid discussion topics such as communism in Cuba or the royal family in Thailand, for example. Tell someone about your daily schedule Always send your flight information, the hotel you are staying, tour information and daily plans. If anything happens to you, it’s important for a trusted person to know where you were last.

Do not expose valuable objects The most important thing pocket thieves are looking for are the expensive rooms hung around the neck of the tourists or the smartphones left in the back pocket. It is advisable to have a bag in which to put all your valuables that you can not miss. Take the technology seriously Rely on your mobile phone and the internet when you travel. If the map does not help you, Google Maps can tell you at any time how to find your way back.

Use headphones with responsibility One of the most important senses when it comes to safety is hearing. It may be nice to put your headphones off and move away from your own world when you are on a bus, in a waiting room or even walking through a new city. But, it is very important to remain vigilant and not distract from what is happening around.

HOW TO SURVIVE: Living Alone In A Foreign Country – YouTube

Nov 22, 2015  Hola everyone, and welcome to my channel. This is the first installment of my How to survive videos, here I have 5 main tips on how to deal with living aloneDestinations recommended for those who want to travel alone

If you plan to travel on your own try one of the six destinations recommended for this kind of experience. Whether you want to find yourself or to make new friends, traveling alone is a good opportunity to discover new places.

Traveling Alone

Travel Alone Before You’re 30 At Least Once. Vedante Prashar | Posted 03.01. 2016 | Travel. Read More: Travel, Solo Travel, Inspiration, World Travel, Traveling …


Organizing a trip where to go unaccompanied is one of the most beneficial ways you can explore the world, out of your comfort zone and discovering the amazing possibilities to find yourself, write Whether you prefer the lively cities or those who can give you the relaxation you need following destinations will inspire you to travel on his own in 2017.

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the best ways that you can meet new people while traveling alone is to go to places where people gather common interests. There is no other European city to offer you more points than cultural Edinburgh. Whether you want to go to international film festivals, jazz or at “Blues Festival”, there are many cultural activities that can keep you busy during which you spend it in the Scottish capital.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is one of the safest and most colorful holiday destinations in Europe. Bathes in the Danish capital to 18 hours of light in summer, offering tourists exploring timpulul necessary. A trail bike path winds around the harbor, is the best way to explore the city on two wheels.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a small town, which allows travelers to explore the streets themselves without being intimidated by the idea that will be lost. The Czech capital has concentrated remote sites small, that can be walked on. Relax on “Charles Bridge“, one of the most beautiful places here, the Prague Castle, which is just a few steps from Old Town.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you choose to go the journey alone to find your silence, Thailand is one of the most suitable destinations. Chiang Mai counted no less than 300 Buddhist temples which can provide endless hours of relaxation through yoga. Live a truly unique experience by discovering countless sacred temples, ancient tribes and unforgettable landscapes.

Dublin, Ireland

If mythical elf can be considered part of legends, Irish hospitality is quite real in Dublin. You can take a tour through Dublin, “City of Literature” as was declared by UNESCO or visit Oscar Wilde Memorial House. Book your night to go in one of the Irish pubs, befriend the locals and enjoy a pint of Guinness.


Remember that Paris is the capital of love and romance. Coffee culture here is well developed, making the city of lights a perfect destination for those who want to travel alone. There are numerous cafes that have affordable where you can enjoy the poetry of Baudelaire, free WiFi or moments of relaxation you need.

10 dangerous destinations for women traveling alone

Women traveling alone should take precautions few holiday destinations where sexual assaults are common. Sexual attacks on women sometimes accompanied place in the street.

Sexual harassment, rape and physical assault or verbal are real dangers for women traveling alone in certain countries. Tourists are not safe anywhere, so you can not enjoy any vacation destination without being cautious. “I am appalled at how some destinations are unsafe and unfriendly. In some countries you can not even go if you’re a woman, although some travel agents prefer to avoid the subject and focus on tips like what to wear lipstick.

We agree that women can be adventurous and have fun, but do not delude ourselves by saying that they are welcome everywhere, “says Julie Kreutzer, one of the founders of the site cited by Mail Online. In addition to popular destinations long as risky for female sex representatives as India, there are some considered the safest in appearance, such as Turkey and Morocco. Here is a top of the popular tourist destinations where women should take precautions!

Airbnb reveals Asia’s hottest tourist destinations

Over a thousand years of rich cultural heritage makes Asia a timeless destination for new and seasoned travelers alike. The tourism industry is thriving, fueled by an influx of tourists from outside and within Asia as countries race to stand out in 


1. India – In India, every 20 seconds there is a rape and tourists are also among the victims sometimes. In addition gang rape have reached alarming levels in recent years considered the most dangerous country for women traveling alone.

Earlier this month, a student was drugged and raped Japanese in northern India, and last week, a video in which two women were raped was posted on the internet by a human rights organization in the hope that the perpetrators will be identified.

2. Brazil The country is beautiful women and women unhappy country. The number of rapes increased by 157% between 2009 and 2012, according to data centralized by the Ministry of Health of Brazil. Two years ago, a US tourist was raped in a bus by a group of Brazilians, while her boyfriend watched helplessly handcuffed shocking scene. Rapes and robberies they lurk everywhere tourists who arrive in this country.

3. Turkey – Although adjacent to Western countries, Turkey has little in common with them when it comes to attitudes towards women. The murder of a young student who would have opposed an attempted rape brought to public attention the issue of violence based on gender difference. Ozgecan Aslan, 20 years young, was burned alive, and the case has sparked a wave of protests in Turkey last week.

4. Thailand-Two British tourists, David Miller and Hannah Witheridge, were brutally murdered in Thailand in September 2014 and the young woman was raped before being killed. In 2013, a student of 20 years in prison Scotland was threatened by Thai authorities after she was raped by a group of men, but failed to find any witness to support his allegations. The two cases have called into question the country’s high crime and violence against women, which became an increasing problem, according to the Center for Information on Domestic Violence in Thailand.

5. Egypt After the 2011 riots, crime has skyrocketed in Egypt. Systematic sexual attacks in the street, on unaccompanied women have become more numerous, and this is one of the reasons why Egypt has lost much of tourists who once went to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

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6. Columbia Tourism flourished in Colombia in recent years, and one reason is that the country has become safer for tourists, compared with a decade ago. However, conflicts do not miss even now Colombia and violence against women remains a problem. The public transport system in Bogota, capital of Colombia, is in first place among the most unreliable transport systems in the world, according to a survey by YouGov 2014 Thomson Reuters Foundation. Corruption among police hampers protecting women and bringing perpetrators to justice.

7. South Africa – South Africa is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, but it remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world. This African country has one of the highest rates of rape and sexual assaults, and robberies and gun amenţinţâările are common. Over 66,000 sexual offenses were reported between 2012 and 2013, which means 127 sexual offenses per 100,000 inhabitants.

8. Morocco-Another increasingly popular destination among tourists, Morocco excels when it comes to women’s rights. Tourists traveling alone are often harassed by men, and violent crimes recorded so far shows that women are not safe in this country. They are advised not to wear provocative clothing but some covering their body.

9. Mexico – Although the Mexican government efforts to protect tourists, at least those who arrive in CancunPlaya del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta, this country is still unsafe for travelers. Women who go by public transport are at risk of rape. In February 2013, six Spanish tourists were raped by six men in a rented house on the beach in Acapulco. Mexican authorities fail to protect tourists and corruption and poor training of law enforcement are the main reasons.

10. Kenya  – Violence against women is a problem in Kenya, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. A national survey conducted in 2010 revealed that 32% of girls were sexually abused before the age of 18. In November 2014, people took to the streets after a young woman was attacked on the street for wearing a short skirt. Kidnappings and assaults on tourists are not unheard of in Kenya.

Safe destinations where it is cheaper to travel alone

Planet Holiday: The World’s Major Tourist Destinations …

The overall patterns of global tourist destinations have remained fairly stable over the past decade. Comparing the 2003 picture featured on Worldmapper to the updated one above, the major regions have hardly changed in …Find a travel buddy with ease and make solo traveling even better

Traveling solo as a woman has so many advantages. You can go where you wish, keep to your own schedule and spend some times really getting to know yourself. At times, though, you feel the need to connect with other people during your trip. What do you do if you want to preserve your status as a solo traveler without getting lonely? Find travel buddy of course!
Meeting like minded people is so simple

Women who like to travel solo have so many qualities in common. For one thing, they tend to all like their own company, and to have a love of life and adventure and an insatiable curiosity about the world. As such, it’s pretty clear that solo women travelers are very likely to get on with each other. So, connecting with other solo female travelers is a fantastic way to meet up with fun people who think the same way as you when you are on the road.

At the same time, you know that you do not need to spend all of your time together, as you are not holidaying ‘together’, just meeting up on the way. You preserve your status of being free spirits, occasionally traveling alongside each other but retaining your autonomy and your ability to head off in your own direction and enjoy your own company once more when the meeting is over.

Travel safety and precautions

Having a support network around you also makes traveling much safer, especially when you are exploring a new country solo. Using an app to find other solo female travelers means that you have people that you can call on to accompany you on bus journeys, hikes and more if you need to. At the same time, you can share stories and anecdotes, swap tips and perhaps even make some true friends for life. The perfect mix of usefulness and enjoyment!

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