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Stewardess made millions during flights

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Stewardess made millions during flights

Stewardess made millions during flights

Bomb! A stewardess was enriched in sex with passengers to thousands of meters high. For 2 years, she managed to win nearly $ 1 million  making love in toilets in airplanes.

Flight attendant whose name was not released was taken recently during a wild sex in an aircraft toilet during a flight, writes the press in Dubai.

“He admitted then that he made love with many passengers during service and enriched during two years. It prefers long distances between Golf (No countries bordering the Persian Gulf, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait) and the US, “a source told Arabic newspaper” Sada “. Wild sex parties were held in plane toilet.

The sources did not specify what airlines stewardess messy work. It says only that work for an airline in the Middle East. Passengers had to shell out $ 2,300 (about 9,100 lei) for a sex crazy toilet. Customers stand the stink of toilet used, but “is set to the sweetest thrill and excitement unparalleled lovemaking furtively” as litigants boasted itself. After being caught with năbădăi loving each with a passenger, flight attendant was immediately fired and deported. In Japan, hostesses sex with pilots to increase their income after wage cuts were made, according to the Japanese newspaper “Shukan Post”.

New legislation is being drafted to better protect women from sexual assault aboard commercial airplanes, because of the findings of a News4 I-Team investigation. (Published Wednesday, March 19, 2014). New legislation is being drafted to better protect …


Flight Attendant Made Almost $1 Million Charging Guys for …

… My VideoPlug · My VideoPlug Previous Next Share 618. People Sharing. Flight Attendant Made Almost $1 Million Charging Guys for Airplane Sex. MyVideoPlug 1 week ago · Share · Share Tweet. Posted on October 1, 2015 by MyVideoPlug …[wl_faceted_search]


The Secret Life of stewardesses: “The abuses faced unacceptable”

A former stewardess, Shawn Kathleen, who owns the blog “Rants of the Sassy Stew” and coined the hashtag “passnger shaming” on Instagram and Facebook, with over 300 thousand subscribers. She says she receives every week hundreds of pictures of scantily clothed passengers, travelers dirty and most of them from other passengers.
“No one is the same. You never know what to expect when we embark. Every day is an adventure,” says Heather Poole, flight attendant and author of “Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama and Crazy Passengers’ .
“Who would not want to spend a few days in New York or Paris or tan on a beach in the Caribbean,” said Dan Air, who worked as a flight attendant for 10 years for a company flying the UK .

The life of a flight attendant fascinates a lot of people. “It is not just a job, is a lifestyle, a life unusual, wonderful, Nomad.” Says Poole.

“Although we are surrounded by hundreds of passengers every day life of a flight attendant can be a loner. We use a lot of social media to keep in touch with family and friends when you are away from home or tired after so many hours of flight “Poole added.

Speaking about the strangeness of travel, Kathleen remembers a time when a passenger asked if the plane is in motion, that while the aircraft is at 10,000 meters high.
 Also, Dan Air says it is concerned about the number of incidents caused by intoxicated passengers. “With all drink when I go on holiday, but some people exaggerate and are subject to abuses are unacceptable.” Mr Dan Air.
Off duty pilot attacked a stewardess

The incident happened in June this year. The drunk 27-year-old pilot was annoyed when the stewardess asked him to quit the cigarette he had lit up in the cabin,Arabian Business reports .
The man hit the Romanian with his fist in his chest. The crew immobilized him, but even so, the pilot destroyed an LCD screen in the front seat and damaged a window.
Moreover, he threatened to throw the aircraft in the air with the explosive he had on him and to kill the stewardess. The pilot was arrested immediately after the plane landed in Dubai.
The man will soon find his punishment. His trial started on August 1, and the accused pleaded guilty.

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