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Suspicious conversation led to an emergency landing

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Suspicious conversation led to an emergency landing of an EasyJet airplane

Suspicious conversation led to an emergency landing

A low-cost EasyJet company landed an emergency on Saturday afternoon at Cologne-Bonn, after the aircraft’s pilots received information about a “suspicious conversation” with a “terrorist content.” The aircraft took off shortly before Ljubljana and was about to land at Stansted Airport near London, reports the BBC.

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Three men were also arrested by the German authorities at Cologne-Bonn Airport. All 151 passengers were evacuated from the aircraft and the flight was suspended for three hours at the German airport. Following the intervention, the German authorities detonated a backpack belonging to one of the suspects. “Before that, the pilot received information about a suspicious conversation aboard, and then decided to make an unscheduled landing on the Cologne-Bonn airfield. After a safe landing … the 151 passengers left the plane through emergency exits and were taken to a transit gate, “said a spokesman for the Koln-Bonn airport. Passengers also had to pass immediately through security filters and the authorities also checked the EasyJet. It seems that other passengers have decided to let the flight crew know of the suspicious conversation between the three men, which had a terrorist content. All passengers received one night at the hotel and left Sunday morning to London.

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German police announced on Sunday that they found no explosive on the EasyJet plane that had landed the day before in Cologne (West Germany) because of “suspicious conversations” heard on board, AFP informs. The three British 31, 38 and 48-year-olds arrested after landing, continue to be interrogated by the police. According to the authorities, none of them are in the security services database. The police inspected the plane with the help of the genius dogs before announcing that he had found nothing suspicious.

Suspicious conversation led to an emergency landing

A unique reason for emergency landing

Qatar Airways passenger plane on the Doha-Bali route had to land emergencyly in Chennai because of a scandal broke out on board. A woman took her husband sleeping on her finger and unlocked his phone. On this occasion, he discovered that the man had an extramarital affair.

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The Iranian woman, traveling to Indonesia along with her husband and the minor child of the couple, consumed alcohol and became violent when the crew tried to calm her down. Qatar Airways confirmed the emergency landing but did not provide details of the incident. “From respect for passengers we do not comment on these cases,” a spokesman for the airline said.

This is not the first time a smartphone causes a scandal between two spouses, and the incident is around the world. Last year, a Saudi Arabian couple divorced from their wife shortly after they married because the woman, rather than spending gentle moments with him on the wedding night, stayed too much on the smartphone.



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