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The holiday destinations you dreamed of

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The holiday destinations you dreamed of


The holiday destinations you dreamed of

Complete your travel scenario and start practicing dreams about the destinations you want to reach in 2018, taking into account a few tips provided by specialists.

How many times in a year you are tempted to travel more and how many times do you have the thought of “I have not …” “I can not …” “Not now …”? The good news is that you are not the only person to be afraid of these fears. Most of the time, it is easier to bypass the thought that no moment is right now than to believe it and move on to the facts.

We propose a few steps to help you fulfill your desire to travel in 2018 to the destinations you dream of. Set priorities Travels are synonymous with movement, so you go from one place to another, discover corners of the world or country that you have never seen before, and let yourself be surprised by the new perspectives that are coming in your way. You will notice how many other views exist on this reality we call “life.” The first step: Learn to give preference to traveling and identify with them.

Define obstacles

Once you have made the first trips it is easier to observe and work on the obstacles that keep you away from them. The money? Let’s see – how many you need and how long? Do not you know too well? This is the next step: think about how much money you need for your trip and how you can get it. Or are you in a permanent conflict with time? If you want more time for traveling, you need an in-depth planning.

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It’s easier to organize your holidays early, when your program is still flexible and you can juggle with responsibilities, unless you are in the middle of them. Do you have kids? The trips are incredibly educational and will only link it to the surrounding world. In short, it outlines your travel scenario and begins to turn your challenges into topics that you can look into in detail.

Choose where you want to travel

Make a list of places where you are crying your soul and allowing yourself to dream about them for a while. Once you’ve figured out what and how, it’s time to turn them into reality. Choose one of the destinations (or more), but be realistic. Compare destinations and prices. In the search box, enter your preferred destination city / country / region / continent – and you will see an approximate list of airports and prices. For an overview of the world, choose the full map view option. Saves money for travel Beyond inspiration, we need budget for travelers, but the difficulty is not half as great as you can imagine. You just have to take it step by step.

First of all, make an idea of ​​how much the journey of your dreams might cost you. Includes flight and accommodation prices, on-site transportation and food. It also checks the average cost of living in that corner of the world and calculates your pocket money. Once you have set up your numbers, you start to weigh the situation. Compare your revenue with spending, set a monthly budget limit, and figure out how much you can put aside once or twice a month.

It would not be a shame even to buy a classic pink pig and put the money in the pussy. And to keep up with reality, it constantly reviews the economic plan and see if it needs adjustments. Maximizes the budget you have Once you’ve learned how to cut costs, see if you can access additional revenue. You may have things through the house that dust gathers and you can sell.

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When you plan your trip looking for “free things to do in …” choose an accommodation that has access to the kitchen and discovers local markets. Look for cheaper travel fares for tourists and buy snacks and drinks from the supermarket before you go shopping. Regarding the ticket, note that it is always cheaper to travel during the week and even cheaper in the afternoon.

The holiday destinations you dreamed of

Make time for your travels

You have chosen your destination and you already have a list of things you should see. You made some quick calculations to figure out how much you need in terms of money and time. And then it comes back to you, “the year seems to sound more feasible.” To experience incredible experiences, trips do not need to be either long or expensive. Plan ahead and organize long weekends. You can begin to discover the world even for three days spent elsewhere than between city boundaries.

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Important: Do not try to see everything first. Choose a few goals to visit and leave your schedule open for what your hazard is preparing for.

All the secret lies in the expectations you have of your vacation and the perception of time. Only if you stay and count weekends you realize you have 104 days free of charge per year. It adds three weeks of leave and you get to three months to dedicate to these trips. This without taking into account the legal holidays. Yes, you have enough time! Get the best out of the resources you have So now you have money and you have time.

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The next stage is rather fine . Take the footsteps of any experienced traveler and spend your head: watch out for four after discounts and offers because this is a safe way to maximize your travel opportunities. For example, after you have made a flight search on, set your Price Alert – it is a good way for to announce you when the price of the ticket you are hunting has dropped considerably .

Decide what’s in your hand about your future destination To keep your motivation, just dive into the destination of your dreams before you get there. Read stories told by those who have already been there, watch movies that talk about that place, browse guides and articles, and prepare the list of places you want to see. Probably the most important thing, read novels that paint a history of the place and imagine what it is like to be there.

Where the two power is growing A friend could keep you on the water – someone with whom you share the same interests and who would be happy to monitor your progress. If you define yourself as a lone wolf, well, the strategy is pretty much the same. Set your goals steadily in the short term, set your deadlines and meet them. You will be amazed at how easy it is to plan a trip if you take it step by step and do not try to conquer the world in a single leap.


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