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The latest attraction of Bucharest
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The latest attraction of Bucharest


The latest attraction of Bucharest

Mihai Craciun is a professional programmer, but from his job earlier this year became the full-time entrepreneur. Following his passion since childhood, he opened in February Cafe La trains, having spent 25,000 euros just for spatial planning, hiring him in the first stocks. Overall, the investment has exceeded 50,000 euros for the whole café concept is based on a system (consisting of software and electronics) which controls some electric trains that take and make customer orders.

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Smart has turned newest generation of the 4X4 in “best train in the world” actually a sort of modern trolley writes At first glance, it might seem a joke from April 1, although that date has passed some time. Smart trolley is but how very real and has four huge steel …



Subsequently, club and scale models developed here started the idea of ​​a cafe where orders are taken and brought by train shop. At first, this service was designed for parents with children coming to classes models, but the idea began to take, and soon became too small space. So the two were thought to develop two lines of business – modelism club and café with electric trains. It took but two years to collect the amount needed to open the cafe and even teamed up with a partner (who has a small part of the business – operated by The trains Pub Ltd and are less involved in its management).

Currently, all the cafe walls are surrounded by rails, which now walks five electric trains. Each table that sits customers is one station and to place the order they should compost located on a yellow table next to the product they want.Then they placed the note in locomotive coming to the table to take over command and press a button for it to reach the bartender.

The system mimics reality so that trains stop at red lights, intersections, slow down if another train to the rail, while taking orders made by distance closest to the station of departure and once received the “green light” leaves a slight delay (as would normally leave the train station).

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The prices range from 6 lei for plain water and 20 lei for a cocktail or a milkshake.

On weekends, Café La trains receives about 150 customers generally young. The café has three employees, and soon Michael Claus says that he would hire another person.

The latest attraction of Bucharest

A young 26-year lead the most recommended tourist attraction in Bucharest
Escape Rooms is one of the first locations opened in Bucharest in the first half of this year. The two rooms, located in a hostel in the city center, invites you to different stories. In the first room, reminiscent of a military barracks, the script says you have 60 minutes to defuse a bomb. The second room resembles a chessboard with the only escape mission. Easier said than done.
Flavia Mândruţ (25), manager Escape Rooms, says the idea came during a team building in Budapest.

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But I know that this building is a big tourist attraction in Bucharest (the second largest building in the world in terms of surface, competing with the Pentagon in …

“I was there with several colleagues and I played Escape, Budapest because the game was known, was an established trend. Then there were a few more, but now in Budapest are dozens of Escape’s, because he’s a great business. Daniele Colombo, the majority shareholder in the company, decided that he wanted to bring him here, so he went into partnership with those having locations and they agreed there to organize two rooms. We had to go on so because we had no experience to build from scratch two Escape sites. That was in April, when I go. ”

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The investment, says proudly cost less than in other countries. “I already had the space and the investment was around $ 10,000; The new rooms will cost less because we have already experienced. It depends what kind of room you want to decorate; Amsterdam, for example, I understand that there is a very hi-tech camera that cost tens of thousands of euros. ”

Without having any impressive promotional budget, Escape Rooms has become the most recommended attraction Bucharest travel website TripAdvisor. The explanation, says Flavia pride is how relational customers. “We asked all customers to write reviews about us and thus reached the number one attraction in Bucharest. Romans was a bit difficult because people did not know what it was, it was a new game, and we would ask ten euros to get out of a locked room, “continued the manager.”Initially we relied heavily on customers hostel, but now they no longer represent a significant part of customers.
Hostels are generally directed to persons with lower incomes, such as backpackers and they have a lot of money for activities like this. Now most clients come to us on TripAdvisor, strangers who read about us and want to play rooms. Most of those who came to play and subsequently made friends, I have not seen anyone to leave disappointed so far. “


Rooms Escape manager says business is profitable and increase month by month. “On average, we have at least two teams per day. We had days and 15 teams playing in the two chambers in parallel, “says proud. “It’s a profitable business, compared with the initial investment. There are costs related to maintenance, should someone pursue those who are permanently closed, but the money that can bring transforms it into a profitable business. The best month brought about 7-8000 euros. ”

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Escape the room is a game where a limited amount of time searching for hidden clues, and uncovering the secrets of her room, using intelligence, ingenuity and imagination must escape from the room.



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