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The most beautiful canyon in Romania

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The most beautiful canyon in Romania

The most beautiful canyon in Romania

Maybe you are looking for a place that takes your breath away. Or just admire the forms it can take water is trickling, infiltrating falling to the huge waterfalls. Or, who knows, you test your limits and measure fear back in the face of serious challenges. If the answer is yes to all this, you should go through the most beautiful canyon decorated in Romania, Valea lui Stan.


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Stan’s Valley and it’s in Fagaras. Given that the route is approachable from Transfăgărăşan at a stone’s throw from Vidraru, the temptation would be to end quickly if he’s saying about the highest mountain in the country and that’s that. But, strictly speaking, in southern Fagaras mountains there are several well individualized groups, who will not leave one with two broken with pride over the mountain. More specifically, what is the south and further east Ghiţu Mountains, and south and west, mountains forehead which actually keep Stan Valley.

The route is a loop, red dot and fully rebuilt about two years ago. Browse could take 4-5 hours, depending on each step and the need to press the shutter release every two meters. Necessity of Chinese, obsessive-compulsive, so completely understandable. We are not dealing with a difficult journey, but it needs attention, control of fear of heights, held in check by shaking legs and resistance to liquid cold-because last part is get something splashing fixed by the riverbed.

What do you need? Well a backpack with some food, water (or not, because you prepared enough nature), good shoes and tight, waterproof clothing, gasoline as you get up close to the Vidraru. With about 2 km below the dam, south, a hairpin at 180 degrees reminiscent of Formula 1 races in Monte Carlo, can leave the car near a crucifix.

Usually interested persons are many, so the cars as a caterpillar-shudder along the bend unlawfully, but forced. Here starts the red dot marking, that leads for a few minutes to a first dam occasion accustomed to the type of stairs and obstacles that you will encounter in the next few hours.
Your allies will be all the pieces of metal, ladders, brackets, chains. After the first dam is relatively constant throughout, with small ups and downs and cables placed rather artistic impression. Soon, however, it tightens the water trough digging everywhere, comes with torrents, mini-waterfalls, and gorges rollovers that only a smart route traced exceed them.

And this will be a long time from here, stairs, crossings, passages insured iron rungs. Step and wonder, so can be described with amazement that greet every corner route, and when ascending passages has not allowed you to see first what follows, experience joy astronaut, standing breathlessly awaiting information from Who knows what space probe. Good luck with some frogs that bring you back to reality. And no, you do not get to kiss them. After about an hour of staring eyes and wobbly legs to reach the highest level, a traverse to the right, climb in the direction that you never forget how to do it.

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Raging water, good bed lying quiet meters beneath your feet and muscles obey willingly and forced by a vertical marathon exercise, because that’s the feeling that it felt climbing the highest scale of the canyon – not Fulfil longer. And when you think it’s over, that you can breathe man, follows new road, we torment, we occasions adrenaline inflation.

Sections of ascent side sailings suspended, solitary rocks perched above you as you can, the menu is varied and exotic, like a shawarma inside – with all. After a last crossing over a body of water suspended, following a slippery and difficult passage concluded with a direct crossing through the river.

Would you do not, you get off the boots, utter a short prayer of thanksgiving unto the feet have worn you safe here, all Christian nation swear they icicle cold water, and go to the knee in a liquid whose degrees are written with a digit. I admit, I never took it as an ordeal but as a blessing. After walking and sweating for hours, relax nitica coolness helps capillaries, banishes stress.

With fresh and cold forces eventually go through parts of the canyon, past the other twice river and climb a dam. From here the route is full of character cast, becoming a classic mountain. Follow a close serpetine climb through the forest, after which the trail emerges into a large clearing as a day of fasting. I do not see the signs, but to follow the main direction of travel, leaving traces left of an observer hunting, now demolished – nun.
A sharp descent, sometimes through muddy areas, ending in a forest property that occurred so: 1. encountered one piece stout man who asked us bread – yes, no money, no cigarettes, no canned only bread; 2. met one piece Duster camouflaged with provisional numbers of Arges put to work over the ravine, 4×4 variant guess it was 125cp gasoline engine; 3. encountered a fin side of Vidraru Lake at sunset, hopelessly stuck my soul.
So helpless and exhausted, I pressed the shutter release, hoping to capture even a hint of arrogance Lespezi peaks and ridge Călţun watching and tranquility of the waters bury endless stories. Plus my boots that I kidnapped a flood about six years ago!
Figures 5 km. As you walk, after proper exit from the route. First get the nun forest road, which then intersects with the contour of the lake route to Cumpăna, and finally just get to the dam, where you go to the car. When to go: In short, when it’s as much water. Ideally, after rainy periods or late spring.
Not necessarily to sneeze clouds over you when you’re on the road, but it would be bad to be proven before a allergic rhinitis. Such ribbons of water will be wider, and the joy of the traveler’s eye will increase exponentially.
Do not miss: A relaxing tour Poenari city, located further south, about where Transfăgărăşanul seriously begins to resemble a mountain road. It’s hard to disappoint you place given the density of stalls with magnets, corn and Dracula masks. The city is reinforced by Vlad the Impaler, the site of a former Teutonic fortress, and by positioning spectacular surprise. The road to here involves many steps and calories burned in an effort rather dull, but fully rewarded by the beautiful views that open from the top.


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