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The most beautiful caves in Romania

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The most beautiful caves in Romania


The most beautiful caves in Romania

Shrouded in mystery, peppered with elements unique in Europe or even the world, which attracts researchers, or with endless mazes and winding. So we expect most beautiful caves in Romania, not to be missed this summer.

Some of the most beautiful and interesting caves in Romania, which necessarily have to visit this summer, especially since they are “equipped” with natural air conditioning. The most beautiful caves in Romania: Limanu– cave “labyrinth” Located on the border with Bulgaria, has fame Limanu cave from a tunnel wearing fugitives across the border. It houses a maze spanning 12 hectares under the shelf at Limanu commune May 2 gathering tourist destinations and Vama Veche. Another “oddity” that gives charm of this cave is that it is completely airtight, even managing to get water.

The most beautiful caves in Romania

The most beautiful caves in the world: Chile’s Marble Cathedral photographed

It is considered the most beautiful cave network in the world, but you’ll have a long journey to reach it. This spectacular Marble Cathedral, an intricate system of water-filled caverns, is set in the General Carrera lake in Chile’s Patagonia – the

A legend says that the cave could be Keiris Limanu, cavern where Dacians of Dobrogea would be refugees from the Romans after the death of Burebista, around 30 BC. Dacia would have taken refuge in the cave with the thought to cross the labyrinth to emerge, but the Romans had built there.

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The most beautiful caves in Romania: Meziad – “underground gothic cathedral” Meziad Cave, located in the municipality of Remetea Bihor, is compared with an underground gothic cathedral. This is one of the largest in Europe, its generous interior spaces housing the primitive people, bears and 13 of the 26 bat species existing.

The cave became the first years of the twentieth century one of the most popular sights of Bihor county. Recently, the cave was discovered a human skull would be over 6,500 years. The most beautiful caves in Romania: Treasure Cave – “vault” which housed the treasure of our country Gorj County, specifically Tismana city hosts one of the most beautiful caves in Romania. This is called Treasure Cave that because, at the end of the Second World War, there was gold stored National Bank of Romania.

Although the cave has a length of only 200 meters, it has hosted three years full price treasure of our country, totaling almost 250 tons of gold. The action was called “Operation Tismana”. The ingots were removed from the cave in 1947, when the Romanian treasury returning to Bucharest. Grotto hosts a real museum, which gives the public information about the most relevant moments spent in our country in the period 1944-1947, focusing on the events that took center Treasure Cave.

The most beautiful caves in Romania: Castle Valley – underground crystal palace This is one of the most modern and most beautiful caves in Eastern Europe, became a tourist attraction in 2010. The cave is located between Castle Valley Poiana Braşov and Râşnov. paths in this cave are decorated fiberglass, a material used to construction of the first stealth aircraft.

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Lu Di Yan, The Reed Flute Cave is a landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi, China. Source: 2. St.Michael’s Cave, is a cave system in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Source: 99traveltips.

Lighting is also a unique one in the country, based on LED, so there are no colonies of bats disturbed and go into the cave age. Representatives say that this cave lighting system feels like a crystal palace, eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia. Also, music lovers should know that from 2011, the shows have become a tradition for the cave, being held periodically in a room called the Cathedral.



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