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The most beautiful cities in England

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The most beautiful cities in England

The most beautiful cities in England

Bath and Stratford Canterbury are among the most beautiful cities in England, with, of course, London. These places have a huge cultural value and are linked including famous names in the history of literature. There are old towns, scenic, with a special architecture represents a perfect destination for tourists interested in culture and history.

No trip to England can be complete without sampling at least a couple of the nation’s many beautiful historical market towns that are sprinkled throughout its own landscape. These exceptionally important market cities were generally the central hub of any area of England, where local farmers and merchants from all over the region and beyond, came to sell their cattle and produce. The cities were often built near an active crossroads, river, or under the security of a local castle, and were shaped with wide central roads offering lots of room for a Marketplace Square where dealers could set up stall.

These busy marketplace squares frequently had a conventional Market Cross which has been erected to provide God’s blessing on the encompassing trade. All this transaction often brought in much prosperity for the cities themselves, which is shown in the gorgeous period buildings they’d constructed, many of which stand immaculately kept today, in the form of homes, stores, old coaching inns, city halls, not to mention the fine local churches. Below is a listing of 20 of the best Marketplace towns in England for you to explore, however, we list many more beautiful samples of England’s Market Towns in our complete cities and towns directory here.

Ludlow, Shropshire – Lying on that the banks of that the rivers Corve and Theme Ludlow is a joyful city to visit during any time of year. There are various buildings of ancient origins and soaring above them all can be seen that the 135ft tower of that the cities fifteenth century parish church. The continuing prosperity of Ludlow owes much to that the nice Georgian architecture highlighted in its best In Broad Street that is littered with wonderful dwellings from which great architectual period. Two very fine white and black properties are the seventeenth century Feathers Hotel and the Readers House.

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Abingdon, Oxfordshire –  One of Britain’s oldest cities, Abingdon in that the county of Oxfordshire developed around that the gates of an abbey founded in 675.3. Cranbrook, Kent – Image by PoE member Hilary Hoad – Cranbrook can be a classic rural city of numerous roads and alley’s, all still true to their middle ages layout. Lewes, East Sussex – This very pleasant city has grown on the River Ouse. Of the great castle all of which remains are the Keep and Barbican. Georgian stores line the High Street and the roads of the old city rise steeply and are connected by a series of narrow passage ways, known locally as, twittens. 5.

The Examiner newspaper undertook the difficult task of selecting only 10 cities to be included among the most beautiful places in England.

Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in england – YouTube

Jan 23, 2013 Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in england. … Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in england. Thebathplanet. SubscribeSubscribed …

1. The most beautiful cities in England. Bath is first on the list Bath offers insight into the ancient history of England, from the Celts to the Anglo-Saxons, but further in time, the time when the city was a Roman seaside resort. And now they can visit the Roman Baths, which were built in 60 en. Among other special attractions also include Bath Abbey, built by the Normans in the eleventh century and Royal Crescent, which is a perfect example of Georgian architecture. The city is protected by UNESCO since 1987, and the sights are so numerous that the best way to visit them is by Bath Visitor Card which offers significant discounts at museums.

2. The most beautiful cities in England. Canterbury horrific crime sceneCanterbury city is located on the banks of the River Stout and is the seat of the Archdiocese of Canterbury, the highest religious authority in England. The city became known after Chaucer was presented in the book “Canterbury Tales.” The city is protected by UNESCO in 1988 and is the main tourist attraction Cathedral. It is famous stately building after a sad episode in the history of England in 1170 here was assassinated Archbishop Thomas Becket.

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3. The most beautiful cities in England. Chester combination of ancient and medieval artifactsEven if it is less known than the first two towns, Chester is one of the most beautiful places in England. Located on the banks of the River Dee, Chester has an imposing Norman cathedral, but perfectly preserved ancient walls. On the narrow streets there are many small shops, usually located in the basement, which offers a romantic touch appealing.

4. The most beautiful cities in England. Durham, UNESCO heritage cityAnd Durham city declared UNESCO heritage due to its historical remains and the special role that culture plays for the British. Durham University has existed for 178 years, and among popular attractions include Norman Norman castle and cathedral, and Raby Castle and many museums.
5. The most beautiful cities in England. Lincoln, the perfect example of Norman architectureLincoln City is perhaps the clearest evidence that the main attractions are the castles and cathedrals of England. Castle and Lincoln Cathedral are perfect examples of Norman architecture in the latter case is a case of reconstructions over time, so that the cathedral is considered one of the earliest Gothic buildings in Europe. Old Town has many medieval buildings. Tourists can visit the Bishop’s Palace, High Bridge and numerous museums, or choose a unique circuit, Ghosts walk to get on the local legends and superstitions.
6. The most beautiful cities in England. London has dozens of famous museums and art galleriesLondon is only ranked sixth among the most beautiful cities in England conducted by The Examiner journalists. However, the British capital has many unique sights in the world, a culture of inestimable value: St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Add to this the dozens of museums and art galleries famous worldwide: the Tate Modern, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, Madame Tussauds. Tourists can stroll through the old town or choose a cruise on the River Thames, and those with higher incomes can shop in famous luxury store Harrods. Treatru lovers, opera or classical music can choose between the performances taking place at the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House.
7. The most beautiful cities in England. Oxford, seat of the oldest universities in the worldOxford houses one of the oldest and best universities in the world, so there may be encountered many remarkable libraries. Among the attractions include Natural History Museum and the Ashmolean Museum. In Oxford they were born many famous writers, become famous and recognized worldwide, including JRR Tolkien and Oscar Wilde. With a beautiful botanical garden, and the most pleasant way to spend a few hours off is through a cruise on the River Cherwell.
8. The most beautiful cities in England. Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace
Another very beautiful city that gave the world a famous writer, is Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. The city is unique Tudor-style buildings constructed, and among the attractions include Anne Hathaway’s Mansion (Shakespeare’s wife) and Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
9. The most beautiful cities in England. Winchester, famous for its medieval cathedralAnd Winchester ranks among the most beautiful cities in England. The city is known for its cathedral and castle built in 1079 Winchester, finished in 1235, which was preserved only the Great Hall. And here there is an important faculty, Winchester College, which opened in 1393.

10. The most beautiful cities in England. York, a beautiful medieval town. The last place on the list, but just as beautiful, is York. It is a medieval city, which harmoniously combines the influences of Roman, Viking and Norman. Some popular attractions include York Minster, the largest medieval building in Britain and Clifford Tower. Tourists who come here can visit numerous museums, cruises on the RiverHouse or can wander the medieval streets.

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