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The most beautiful volcanoes in the world

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The most beautiful volcanoes in the world

The most beautiful volcanoes in the world

The most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes in the world are those who are near some settlements. Volcanoes are landforms that frightens and fascinates people simultaneously. Their eruptions can cause problems for aircraft, but can destroy including cities and villages.

America’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes – Business Insider

Sep 10, 2014 Since they pose such substantial threats, we figured we should get to know them a little better. So, here are the 18 most dangerous volcanoes …


The most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes in the world – Mount Vesuvius – Italy The proximity to populated localities makes Vesuvius one of the most dangerous volcanoes. Vesuvius eruption cycle is 20 years, although last erupted in 1944. 3 million people living near the volcano Campagna region. It is just 10 kilometers from Naples, which means the volcano is positioned closest to a dense region. It’s the only powerful volcano erupted on mainland Europe, and the best known eruption occurred in 79 AD when the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii buried.
Popocatepetl, Mexico It’s a glacier 50 kilometers from the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. 9 million people live within range of the volcano. It has erupted 20 times since 1519. The last eruption occurred in 2000, but the authorities evacuated 41,000 people and no one died.

It was once an island volcano, but lava that flowed after explosions created a link with the rest of the territory in 1914. Considered one of the East Vesuvius. Every year there are thousands of small explosions, throwing ashes. A large eruption would affect 700,000 people in Kagoshima region.

Galeras, Colombia – It’s located in the southern Colombian border with Ecuador. Galeras has been active in the last million years, and the last eruption took place in 1580. Massive A city of 450,000 inhabitants, Pasto, is positioned at its foot. It became inactive in 1978, but has become active in 1988. Since 2000, erupted each year.

The most beautiful and dangerous volcanoes in the world – Mauna Loa, Hawaii In volume and surface, Mauna Loa is the largest volcano in the world. He’s one of five volcanoes that are in Hawaii. Mauna Loa erupted steadily over the past 700,000 years, and the most recent activity occurred in 1984. The greatest hazard of the volcano are rivers of lava. Normally, they are very slow, but some rivers eruptions did have a dangerous pace. In 1950, Ho’okena Mauk village was destroyed by them.

BBC – Earth – The world’s most deadly volcanoes

Mar 1, 2015 “The most dangerous volcanoes are, of course, those that are in the densely populated areas,” Swanson says. If pressed to name the potential …


Adventure explorer who camped out overnight in an active volcanoes

UK explorer lived during an expedition in Africa adventure of his life. The man camped in an active volcano, cooking on hot rocks in the crater that housed.

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The most beautiful volcanoes in the world

List of active volcanos – Simple English Wikipedia, the free …

List of active volcanoes includes the volcanoes which are currently erupting. … There are about 1,500 active volcanoes, many in the region of the Pacific Ocean.


Chris Horsley, a UK explorer, took chest nature in its recent expedition on Mount NyiragongoCentral Africa, campând inside an active volcano, according to “Daily Mail“. A native of British county of Lancashire, Horsley went up on the volcanic crater, after which he installed even inside the tent. “It is by far the best place I’ve ever camped. I slept until now, on the edge of several volcanoes, but never found myself closer to the lava red, shiny. I would recommend this experience to anyone, “said the man, who descended to 300 meters deep inside active volcano Nyiragongo to take pictures.

Which volcanoes are erupting? – List & map of active volcanoes …

Which volcanoes are erupting? – List & map of active volcanoes erupting at present/ VolcanoDiscovery.


After returning to the surface, Horsley took advantage of the facilities offered by nature and cooked on hot rocks volcano, curry rice. “As was simply darkness, my enthusiasm grew. I had a strange feeling at first, but then I calmed down and listened to Pink Floyd. Loneliness in such a place full of natural energy is extraordinary. I slept led, especially after a full day of climbing, “he told Britain. “Monster” has a bloody history – in 2002, when it erupted, more than 200 people lost their lives in violent explosion.


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