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The qualities of a good flight attendant

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The qualities of a good flight attendant

The qualities of a good flight attendant

Travelling far and wide, the journeys of the nicest places in the world and elegant uniforms are some of the obvious benefits of the job steward. In addition, for some companies, the wages are more than tempting. The selection process of candidates, however, is very rigorous, so not everyone can get “up high”.

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The office of steward is not typical with a schedule. Although it comes with lots of benefits package, one of the most important is the chance to see the world, this job certainly has its disadvantages. According to the website, flight attendants can call even at night if flights are delayed or are canceled.

Their plans for the weekend or holidays are often confused by changes in their travel planning. Older employees have the advantage but to select routes where they want to travel and holidays. Although this job can be quite tough sometimes it is very important to work for a company where all employees are thrilled.

One of the most popular airline is Delta Air Lines, according to the survey conducted by website, it offers numerous benefits to employees and a pleasant working environment and flexibility. Danny Elkins, aged 35, a steward “veteran” of the company, was interviewed by the British newspaper “The Independent”, revealing trade secrets.

What qualities must a flight attendant “I was told that it is difficult to be selected by Delta than to enter Harvard University. I help recruit new employees, so I know a little about the process. It is, indeed, a demanding but that’s because Delta culture is very important to us.

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We must ensure that those who commit them will keep passengers properly, but that will adapt well within the team, “said Elkins. Applicants must go through several tests, including a video interview, a face to face interview questions and answers and a series of meetings with the recruitment team.

Sometimes we get 100,000 thousand applications, said the steward. For a real chance to be taken “on board”, he recommends applicants to gather as much information about the company for which they apply, and about the industry. “Familiarize yourself with the most important and common issues.

Come dressed in an outfit serious business interview, because the way I look plays an important role, he advised Danny. Enjoyed training the selected candidates is not easy. It is then held every year, for the latest and for veterans. “We must remember certain maneuvers, we need to do in various situations, such as fire, medical, evacuation situations and so on,” says the man.

To be a good flight attendant must be, first of all, a good listener, Elkins says. \””Our passengers are as diverse as the places where we fly, as varied as the needs and desires. You must be patient and listen, “said Delta Air Lines employee. In addition, you have an advantage if you know several languages. “It is very important to know several languages.

Depending on the size of the aircraft, Delta has almost always on board with certified stewards in foreign languages. Our customers are recognized when an employee can speak their native language, and our services are so much more efficient, “said Elkins. Asked what the best part of the job of steward, a man aged 35 years said that “opportunities to dine in San Francisco in a week and relax on a beach in Puerto Rico in midwinter, while being paid, are icing on the cake “”.

On the other hand, the worst part of the job of flight attendant are time zone changes. “It is very hard to adapt this program mad, but we have different strategies to ameliorate the effects of sudden changes of time zone,” said Elkins. How to earn a stewardess Emirates, Tarom or Wizz Air Airlines that applies most often Romanians are Emirates, Ethiad Airways, Qatar Airways, Wizz Air and Tarom.

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Of these, the largest increases are noted, the airline Emirates, where flight attendants have a fixed salary of about 807 euros per month, with the opportunity to earn more than 1,680 euros per month, depending on the number of hours worked (approximately 80 hours of flying).

Flight Attendant Career FAQ’s

The Flight Attendant interview you will undergo will be much like other job interviews, in terms of requiring that you be professionally dressed, personable and …


Next in top companies with the highest salaries is Etihad Airways, where a stewardess has an average salary of 702 euros fixed, with the possibility to exceed 1,380 euros per month. Qatar Airways ranks third with incomes of up to 1,450 euros per month, depending on the hours worked, the fixed salary is 729 euros.

On the last places when it comes to earnings is Wizz Air and Tarom. In the airline Wizz Air, a flight attendant can earn up to 943 euros fixed salary is 273 euros per month. Besides earnings for days worked payments, add a commission with an average of 150 euros.

If Tarom, fixed salary is 289 euros, and the total earnings can reach up to 793 euros per month. Prejudices that confront flight attendants According to Danny Elkins steward, flight attendants are often considered simple waiters, although their role is more important and the preparation is not easy.

“We are there for us to worry about the safety and comfort of passengers. We are trained to handle medical problems with passengers ‘rebels’, with unexpected situations such as a fire, evacuation, and other such circumstances “, he said. If female staff there, unfortunately, the idea that they would be willing to be nice to passengers and other than professional.

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Bedrooms secret resting flight attendants

Most aircraft Boeing 777 and 787 have a secret staircase that leads to several small bedrooms with no windows, for flight attendants.

How to Get a Job as a Flight Attendant – JobUnlocker

flight attendant jobs. Be personable! Previous customer service experience is also going to be extremely important when an airline is considering you as a potential new hire. They will want to see that you’ve held similarly …


Secret staircase leading to the bedrooms flight attendants.

Steps are hidden behind a discreet door, which is usually near the cockpit of the plane.Typically, opening the door for the introduction of a code or a key.


Entry into certain types of cabins is made through a place that resembles an ordinary space for luggage. An example of a Boeing 773 aircraft American Airline Company.


A sign indicates exactly what is “hiding” behind the door for flight attendants bedrooms.


Hostesses enjoy a rest area Boeing 777, which can gather up to ten beds and a personal storage space for each team member.

In a Boeing 777 commercial aircraft, pilots enjoy their rest compartments consisting of two beds and two business class seats, plus enough room for various plumbing.

Other aircraft features bunk beds, as the company’s Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines.


To return to the main cabinflight attendants access an emergency exit under beds, which leads directly “surface” through a closed compartment on the outside.

4 Tips to Land a Flight Attendant Job

Although there are plenty of flight attendant jobs out there, there are even more flight attendant candidates. According to ABC, Delta will sift through over 100,000 applications before awarding a pair of wings to the chosen few. You can tip the odds 




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