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Things you can get for free on flights

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Things you can get for free on flights

Things you can get for free on flights

Steep price of a ticket includes case basis, services offered to passengers by way of gratuity. Few know, however, that travelers may require certain services without being charged extra.

Who Says There Are No More Freebies on Flights?

A flight attendant with a U.S. legacy carrier once told me, “I wish more passengers would say hello or even smile,” adding, “It doesn’t cost anything.” Not taking sides here since a lot of flyers I know claim cabin crew members never smile at them! But

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Solar Impulse plane starts two months of Abu Dhabi, a historic journey around the world, made only with solar energy. The public will be able to watch live what is happening in the cockpit and mission control center in Monaco visiting the site “” according Agerpres . The plane will make the …

The publication Business Insider has made a list of services that can get on an airplane without being forced to pay extra. A full dose of juice Flight attendants often prove quite stingy with the amount of juice that poured into the glass, sometimes offering just half a dose of content, especially if you add in glass and ice cubes. You can ask to be provided around the box if you attract attention that is not enough juice to appease you.

Or you can ask to refill your cup when you want. Basic Medication The rules may vary from one company to another flight, but most planes on board a kit with necessary medications for headaches, stomach, bandages etc. They are free, so you can ask if you need.

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Things you can get for free on flights

How to Score Tremendous Travel Freebies

Flight Freebies. Save $25 or more per checked bag (each way!) by booking with an airline that offers free checked bags such as Southwest or JetBlue. JetBlue also saves you on entertainment and snacks by offering free TV, satellite radio and a variety

Hot chocolate instead of coffee or tea Companies flight Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, and Southwest Airlines are among those that offer an alternative to coffee or tea a cup of hot chocolate.

Alcoholic beverages Although most companies have begun to charge passengers flying for just about anything, and alcoholic beverages, there are still some that offer free alcohol. These include Alaska Airlines (beer), US Airways (coming from international flights) Delta (wine, beer, spirits from international flights), Lufthansa (free alcoholic drinks menu for all flights). As a rule, alcoholic beverages are offered free flights or the interational last long. Cosmetic sets For long flights, many of the companies flight sets of personal care which may include earplugs, pens, playing cards, comb etc. Emirates Airline offers quality cosmetics such as shaving cream, toothbrushes, socks, hand cream etc.


7 In-Flight Freebies You Might Not Know About | Travel …

Believe it or not, the airlines still offer several free amenities people often don’t know about. The trick, of course, is to find out what to ask for. Snacks or another portion of food Snacks provided during certain flights fail to satisfy the hunger, so you can ask a second portion, and you will be notified if they have left after receiving all passengers.

The rule also applies to portions of food. You may request another portion and you should bring, if remaining, Visiting cockpit Although security measures are stricter regarding visits to the cockpit, many airlines still accept such requests. The best time you can make such a request is after the plane reached its destination after the plane landed, because when pilots are not rushed.

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Rihanna demands flight freebies after impromptu midair photo shoot. Rihanna exercised her superstar status and demanded some flight freebies after she was swamped by fans mid air …




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