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Tips to apply When Traveling in a Motorhome

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Tips to apply When Traveling in a Motorhome

Tips to apply When Traveling in a Motorhome

Motorhome holidays can be fantastic and a lot of people love travelling in their home away from home. Being practical makes the whole effort more enjoyable and we’ve compiled a variety of tips on how to be just that – take a look.

Epicure Galore

Back home you may be well known for being quite the experienced cook and your kitchen as well as pantry may be stocked to the brim with every appliance, gadget electronic and otherwise necessary to fulfil your culinary delights but once on the road this is no longer a feasible option.

Your extra-large crock pot where you make your infamous beef bourguignon will take up half the cabinet, maybe a small one for some spicy chili will do. A stainless steel pot may come in handy for more than just cooking but your fancy fondue machine will only get in the way and maybe you can change the fancy espresso maker for a handy stove top one.

It is your choice what you decide to pack into your RV kitchen but keep in mind that not only is cooking more difficult while in an RV but space is minimal so in all honesty, a couple of pots and pans, plates, bowls, cups and silverware for all and the necessary utensils to put a good meal on their plates should be just fine. Here are some good tips.


Day Trip to the Beach – It’s Not the Destination, but the Journey

If traveling in a motor home or with a trailer, there is plenty of parking for big rigs. For a quick coffee or snack, the Coffee Coop adjacent to the Rusty Tractor serves coffee as you like it plus goodies. You can drive up on either side of the Coop


No Need to Stock Up

Traveling is not a time to overdo it and stockpile your provisions and “just in case we need it” does not turn out well. It is quite common especially if you are new to the road that you experience a bit of paranoia about running out of food, this is understandable but try to be aware.

If you are not careful you’re “just a couple of cans of beans, just in case” turns into a pile of unnecessary canned goods that you will not ever finish while on your trip and only take up necessary space.

The best way to make sure you have what you actually need for the trip is to thoroughly plan ahead. Pack things that are easy to store and will not take up too much space. Keep in mind that you can always restock if necessary and who knows how many places along the way you may want to stop and eat at so do not overdo it, keep it simple and down to the necessary.

When you are Rving it is of the essence to know how to service and care for your RV and for that there are tools that are needed. One thing I can say for myself is that I have a close relationship with my tools and I know that others share this sentiment that being said there is a limit as to how many tools you can haul around with you.

Do make sure you have a basic tool kit in the compartment, there are also absolute musts when RVing such as duct tape but don’t buy into those must have lists suppliers provide you with, most of what is on there is not only unnecessary but also big and way too heavy to be carrying.

I find that there are two essential questions to be asked when picking the tools you will take on your trip; is this tool necessary, is there a chance I may need it? And Do I know what this tool is intended for? Look your tools over and decide what is absolutely necessary to bring along on your RV trip and as painful as it may be it is best to leave the rest safely and properly stored at home.

Tips to apply When Traveling in a Motorhome

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Filling Up the Tank

We all know liquid is heavy, I say liquid because not only do we have to fill up the water tank but also the gas tank and not to mention the grey and black that accumulates. By having a tank that is too full you will be adding hundreds of unnecessary pounds to your trip which could be taken up by something better.

It is always a good idea to keep a bit of liquid in the tanks to ensure nothing unpleasant begins sticking onto the surfaces but when it comes to this matter less is definitely more. Unless you are travelling through the boondocks where chances of stumbling across a campsite are minimum and heat overwhelming then keep it to the necessary and connect to the campgrounds water supply when you arrive.

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Storage Gadgets

I am all for the extra storage space in the form of an additional trailer, a roof mounted storage space or even a hitch mounted bin, I am however against overfilling them. If you know that you are capable of packing only the essential and not over doing it than by all means go for it if not I suggest you pass on the extra storage devices. If you’re leaving expensive gadgets in the motorhome when travelling then ensure you have the right sort of campervan insurance policy for your items.

Tow the Line

Why would you even consider towing an extra car behind your RV? Whether you refer to it as a errand mobile, dinghy or toad it has to be everything that a class A vehicle is not. By that I mean a good size, light and fuel efficient. Take a small car not a giant SUV if not you will be overspending on fuel for not only one vehicle but two and straining your RV more than necessary when it comes to its towing responsibilities.

How to get your car ready for holiday trip

If we choose to go on a holiday car, specialists recommend us to make some mandatory checks, which can keep us off of the inconvenience. Even if we are not a car specialist, a few simple things are at hand.

Of course, any automotive specialist recommends that before you go on a longer journey, such as the one on vacation, go to service for a car repair. It is the best advice, but if you do not have time or do not think you need to call a service you have to do some basic checks.

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1. Braking system The braking system of the machine is very important for safety. If noises are heard when you brake the brake, if the pedal is too soft or heavy, if there is a tremor when braking, you should call a specialist. Do not ignore any signal the braking system sends. It is important that you can stop the car safely.

2. Oil level Checking the oil level is especially important before you go on holiday. Checking is done when the engine is cold and the car parked on a straight surface. Remove the dipstick, wipe it, then reinsert it into the engine and remove it again. If the oil level is at the bottom of the mark on the dipstick, fill it with oil. Also, if you get closer to the time you need to exchange oil, the advice of the specialists is to do it before you go on the road.

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3. Fluid level Also check the fluid level in the expansion vessel and the windscreen fluid container. The liquid in the expansion vessel must be between the minimum and maximum levels indicated on the container. Windscreen washer fluid is added whenever its level decreases.

4. Check the tires Before you go on the road, check the tires, both their pressure and the degree of wear. For summer tires, it is important to check the depth of trenches on the tread. It should be 1.6 millimeters. Maybe not many people know, but this depth allows water to drain when the car is running on a wet surface. The advice of the specialists is to change them if this depth is lower.

To easily check this wear level, the tires are equipped along that indicator recess. If the level of those indicators is at the tire’s running level then it should be changed. When checking the tires carefully look at their circumference. If more worn or other deformation occurs, you must go to a car service to check. Tire pressures must be checked periodically, not only before leaving for leave. It must correspond to the instructions in the machine’s technical card. Pressure is also important for determining the optimum fuel consumption of the machine.

5. Lights Do not go on holiday by car if it does not work on all the signaling, driving or driving lights. The conditions in which you drive (night or day) may also change depending on the occurrence of mist or rain. It’s important in traffic as other drivers to see you and to know your intentions to change the direction of rolling at some point. Also, the passing lights must be adjusted correctly to avoid disturbing the other drivers.

6. Climate For family comfort, taking into account the summer vacation, the optimal operation of the air conditioning system is important.

7. Windscreen wipers, spare wheel, documents, and medical kit Last but not least, you should check that the windscreen wiper works normally if it covers the entire surface of the windscreen and leaves some traces that can obscure visibility while driving. Also, be sure to check if the machine is equipped with a spare wheel or at least with an anti-pin kit, car extinguisher and medical kit (mandatory).

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Mar 20, 2016  Chris Phutully/Flickr Winter is shifting toward spring in much of the US, and that means it’s time to get your car ready for warmer weather.



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