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Top of star: tourist destinations in 2019

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Top of star: tourist destinations in 2019


Top of star: tourist destinations in 2019

Although suffered in 2017 by a drastic decrease in the number of tourists who visited it especially during the summer, Turkey returned to 2018, and in 2019 it will surely get a significant number of tourists on its beaches again. Recognized for 5 star services, the all-inclusive regime makes this destination a favorite one. Also, the offers of the local tour operators that compete in promotional packages lead me to believe that Turkey will resume its leading position among the countries visited in large numbers by tourists eager to relax.

Dominican Republic For lovers of warmth, exotic beaches, palm trees and all inclusive, the Dominican Republic will see an increase in the number of tourists visiting it in 2019. The relatively affordable prices to this destination, the large number of offers in the market, the landscapes and the hospitality of the locals in Dominican will attract touists as a magnet in Punta Cana in the coming year. Also, at this end of 2018, many of our countrymen chose to spend the years on the Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Already in the charts, Greece will be no less in 2019. Recognized as a favorite destination for tourists, the old Elada will be in the top 10 countries visited for many years now. What attracts us to this country? The culinary offer, the beaches and the water like the crystal. Accessible to many of us, this country offers endless opportunities for leisure. Weather is also an asset of the Greeks, but anyway, both luxury and economic packages are accessed by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. And in this case, travel agencies compete in more attractive offers.

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Dubai – Prominently, this destination has entered the tops of shattering other areas considered exotic to the tourists (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia). Recognized for opulence, safety and decoration, Dubai is a good alternative to an exotic holiday. Although it is limited as a visiting period, due to the unfavorable climate a great deal of time, the beginning and the end of the year finds tourists at shopping, fun or at the beach.

Considered one of the most beautiful and interesting countries, the US has infinite offers for all kinds of tourists: from shopping, nature tours, caravan circuits, active and adventurous vacations or beach. Thus, America remains a country to be ticked on the holiday list of any european tourist.

Observing this trend, some agencies offer interesting tourist packages for this destination, ranging from regular holidays to New York, Washington, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Asking why America chooses, the Romans find infinite motives for visiting the country of all possibilities. While there are still visas, our fellow countrymen are not scared and they are increasingly choosing to travel to the USA, and the visiting period is over 9 nights. For New Years Eve and Christmas, the number of tourists in our country that travel here increases by at least 10-15%, the year-end mirage in Time Square making all the money.

Top of star: tourist destinations in 2019

Bali Earth 2 years ago, Bali was an unmatched dream for many tourists. The offers of airline companies and travel agencies have turned this area into one visited by european tourists. Attracted to her exoticism, but also to the fact that it sounds nice to go to Bali, our tourists sometimes choose hotels and low cost airlines, just to check this destination.

Considered one of the largest tourist attractions in the world, Bali, an island in Indonesia, attracts us both for decors and for the part of SPA and massages in which they are masters. Another category of tourists who will choose Bali in 2019 are those who love water sports: surfing, diving, fishing. On the other hand, lovers of culture, history, or jungle excursions will be able to satisfy their holiday whims here.

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Maldives If you get married in 2019, surely the Maldives remains number 1 to spend the honeymoon. Increasing the number of hotels opened in the Maldives, the offers of european tour operators for this destination place it in the top 3 destinations sold in recent years. It is hard to believe that in 2019 it will be different. Although it is not a destination that offers you a great deal of activity, as is happening in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico or Argentina, the Maldives conquers dream scenes, fine sandy beaches and romanticism all the way.

Mauritius-  Although it may seem unexpected, in 2019 I bet Mauritius. Here every tourist will spend relaxing days on his sunny beaches enjoying an exotic atmosphere. Mauritius is a spectacular combination of tropical vegetation with steep mountains of volcanic origin, volcanic lakes and brilliant white sandy beaches bordered by the turquoise clear waters of the Indian Ocean, colorful springs with lush gardens full of exotic fragrant flowers. The island offers a wide range of activities: tours on the island, cruises on the sea, shopping, fun in the beachfront, and the price per person starts at 1390 euros.

The promotion campaigns made by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel, religious circuits at the Holy Tomb, but also our attachment to this country will make Israel a destination also visited in 2019. Its development in terms of tourism, mild climate and new destinations will attract the Romans to Israel. Airline offers also help.

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa are just three of the cities that will receive in 2019 more european tourists. Considered an expensive country, Israel compensates for climate, food, beach and proximity, just 2 hours of airplane flight. Thailand-Vietnam-Cambodia Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) are just a few of the attractions that in 2019 will cause european tourists to take out a considerable budget from their wallet,

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THAILAND-VIETNAM-CAMBODGIA triangle is renowned for its blend of sensations gives them to those who reach these places. From historical visits to traditional food and access to certain Asian customs, all make the flavor of a seasoned holiday with everything. Not far away, beaches and massage sessions are just a few of the strengths of these countries that combine in a unique way offering the traveler an unforgettable experience.


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