In theory, this requirement arises because radiation avoids a phone or a laptop could interfere with the airplane navigation system.This is not true, writes The Independent, because fortunately, the radiation is not strong enough to affect the navigation system.

However, if you do not set the devices on Flight Mode during the flight, the pilots may have some inconvenience. Here’s what it’s about.

A pilot explained on the Quora forum, which is one of the most frequent incidents during flight, caused by mobile phones.

For example, if a mobile phone not in Airplane Mode is close to the driver’s cab, they may hear a disturbing noise coming through the aircraft‘s audio system, that is, headphones.

It’s like a buzz and will surely bother the pilots. Danger may occur if the airplane already has problems or if the pilots have to communicate with the control tower and their communication is disturbed by this sound.

Of course, this does not happen every time, but the problem appears in about 3% of the cases when mobile phones are not put into Airplane Mode.

It seems an insignificant percentage, but if, even then, an emergency situation occurs and the pilot is distracted by that annoying buzz? That’s why experts recommend us to follow the crew‘s recommendations, every time we board the plane.