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Who was the first stewardess in history

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Who was the first stewardess in history

Who was the first stewardess in history

It’s been 85 years since women first inaugural flight attendant Ellen Church, which paved the way for one of the most challenging but at the same time beautiful profession – the stewardess.


Rebecca Verzosa-Santos, first PAL international stewardess: A PAL icon has …

Rebecca “Becky”Verzosa-Santos with PAL chairman Dr. Lucio C. Tan with his wife Carmen, and PAL president Jaime J. Bautista during a dinner-reception celebrating the flag carrier‘s return to New York in March 2015. Becky received a standing ovation

The first station attendant in history was occupied by a man. In 1912, Heinrich Kubis was committed aboard a Zeppelin. This was when the planes were not yet large enough to have a crew racing line extended and not begun to unfold. Then Kubis worked in an aircraft called Schwaben, going after some time to lead a team of drivers.

Only in 1939 in the role of hostess come first woman, Ellen Church. She is the one who opened the way to one of the most demanding yet beautiful profession. Ellen attended the inaugural flight for Boeing Air Transport. At that time, women could not travel alone by plane. Ellen Church but wanted to change this view. Driver‘s license and a diploma in nursing and wanted at all costs to prove that women can work on an airplane.

She was selected as a crew because it was believed that a nurse may reassure passengers nervous or scared. It was, at first the role of Ellen. Her first flight lasted 20 hours. In time, she helped promote hostess station and helped other women’s selection for this post.

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Ellen Church was born on September 22, 1904 in Cresco, Iowa in United States. Before being selected to the first team of drivers, the woman worked as a nurse in a hospital in San Francisco.Ellen died on August 22, 1965, while attending a horse race.


Who was the first stewardess in history

Outfits that pilots and stewardesses wear in the 1930s

Uniforms of flight attendants were introduced in the late 1920s to give flight crew more authority. The Air France crew uniforms have undergone several changes over time to adapt to fashion trends becoming a trademark of French design and elegance.Air France presented its collection of vintage uniforms from the 1930s to the present. Famous fashion designers such as Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Christian Lacroix have contributed over time to creating a unique collection that represents the history of the company and fashion of the 20th and 21st centuries. The earliest uniforms in the company’s collection have been in use since 1933. They are uniforms of bartenders used on private flights that at that time had restaurants and luxury bars on board.

The costumes used in the 1940s and ’50s were inspired by French and Red Cross uniforms belonging to the Georgette Renal and Georgette de Treze fashion houses. With the arrival of the Boeing B707 and Caravelle reaction aircraft, the company introduced a new range of uniforms, easier to wear, but not sacrificing elegance. These were created by none other than the famous designer Christian Dior. T

Thus, as of 1963, a light blue dress, worn with a wide belt for the summer version, could be admired on board Air France aircraft.

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The winter uniform was made of “blue Marceau” material, and the design of the jacket was contrasted by the skirt’s flexibility. The year 1963 marks the lifting of the ban on marriage of flight attendants. Cristal Balenciaga followed Dior into the gallery of the great designers who created for Air France in a set of uniforms that included for the first time assorted accessories: a bag and a pair of white gloves. Cristal Balenciaga created the winter-blue suit, the colorful emblem of the day for Air France.

There were models from 1978 and 1987 created by fashion houses Louis Feraud and Carven, and in 2005, the company introduced a dress signed by fashion house Christian Lacroix. The uniform is still used today. Christian Lacroix tried to create more than a uniform with more than 100 pieces that can be combined. The base color remained blue navy with some color accents.


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