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Halloween travel deals

  Halloween travel deals Halloween Offer, Family Activities + Kids Stay Free from €89 - Guitart Gold Central Park, Lloret de Mar, Spain Halloween is coming... Come to celebrate it with your family at Guitart Gold Central Park in Lloret ...

An entire city under one roof

Somewhere in Alaska, Whittier small town living its little joys and dramas like any other settlement in the world. But something is different. The entire population lives under the same roof. Buckner Building the largest buildings in ...

Plot that pushed Michelangelo to paint

  Plot that pushed Michelangelo to paint Arrived at 33, Michelangelo Buonarroti painted before a single painting. Pope Julius II assumes the risk and entrusts the chapel ceiling. In 1506, after it found the state of degradation of the ...

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners

Dirty Secrets of the hotel owners When it comes to accommodation in a hotel, cleanliness is very important, especially to use objects intimately, such as sheets and towels and in many cases is precisely those "forgotten" by those in charge of ...

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